~ Goddess store ~
for your Exnem Goddess
Name: Apachii_Goddess_Store.esp
Version: v.1.3 Addon
Date: 2008/02/01

Adds a shop with master trainer merchant Goddesses that sells armors,clothes,items and weapons.
The outfits are retextures and reworked meshes of armors/clothings made for the Exnem body.

This mod is not just for Exnem users, but for any players both female and male, many items can be used by non Exnem users and by males (wigs, collars, neckchains, headgears, rings, weapons and bows. The shop is also open during the night.
The Goddess Merchants are trainers in blade, desrtruction, restoration, marksman, speechcraft and illusion.

Apachii Goddess Store will not replace,overwrite or conflict with other mods.

YOU MUST HAVE the earlier v.1.1 Full (essential base file) and v.1.2 Addon installed for this to work, this is just an extra addon.

Location of the shop
Located in the Waterfront district,city Isle in an building besides (to the right of) the Imperial company office.
Near the pirates.

Store opening hours:
Shop owner Isis and the merchants are Goddesses so they do not need to sleep so the store is always open.

The Exnem female body is recommended but many items can be used by non Exnem users and males.

Oblivion v. or v.

This mod works without Shivering Isles.

Works best if you have the mod "unlimited rings and amulets" because then you will be able to
have pauldrons,face mask,wigs,headbands and such equipped at the same time with your armor.

A great mod to use is also "Initial Glow By Soor", that takes away the ugly glow from enchanted armor,
it does not look so god if you have a completely black armor and then enchant it.

Merchant trainer Goddesses: Bartergold:5.000
Main floor:
Isis-restoration (The Giver of Life, Healing and Goddess of Magic) and Venus-speechcraft (supreme Goddess Of Love)
Top floor:
Athena-Blade (Goddess of wisdom,crafts,and war) and Hecate-Destruction (Ancient, powerful and unconquerable. The Goddess of sorcery,witchcraft and Wicca.
Bast-Illusion (Cat Goddess of protection and sensual pleasure) and Diana-marksman (Goddess of the Hunt and the wild woodlands)

What is new in this v.1.3 addon for Apachii Goddess Store?

Details addon v.1.3 (Date: 2008/01/31)
- 3 Jewelry boxes with items on Goddess Isis desk on the main floor .
- Box 1 - Claws.
- Box 2 - 12 Sun Glasses.
- Box 3 - 11 Circlets.

More wigs in 2 unlocked "goddess gifts" chests on the main floor.
One chest with short hair and one with long hair.
Fixed EGM files for all wigs so they adjusts to your head size.
- 10 Ren wigs Long Twinponytail
- 5 Ren wigs short Twinponytail
- 7 more colors for the other renwigs.
- 13 Babe wigs

- 6 Short sleeveless
- 1 short wide long sleeves
- 1 Hecate pink dress with gloves attached and long pink shiny nails
- 1 Hecate pink dress with extra long chrome nails and shiny pearlchains
- 1 Hecate red dress with gloves attached and long red shiny nails

- Hecate helmet chrome shiny with horns.Uses hairslot or amulet slot,
if you use the amulet version you will have hair with horns.

- 4 Gothic Lolita style
- 4 Long skirts
- 2 Medium long
- 4 Flared skirts

- Dragon armor: cuirass,leather pants,panty,2 maxi high heels boots,loincloth,helmet, shield, skirt.
- Ranger armor: 1 full body ranger dress,skirt,boots,gloves with long black nails, cuirass.

Armor Suits
- Bast suits:
- Black leather, Black headgear,black gloves
- Red vinyl,black vinyl with toolbelt and platformboots.
- Gold spider,gold headgear
- Silver spider,silver headgear
- White, white headgear, white gloves

- 1 Black Horn pauldrons

Venus Armor jeweled cuirass and bracers
- 2 silver blue cuirass,uses upperbody or amulett slot so you can have it as it is or on top of clothing.
- 2 silver blue bracer with long blue nails
- 1 gold red cuirass,uses upperbody or amulett slot so you can have it as it is or on top of clothing.
- 1 gold red bracer with long red nails

Shiny Knuckles with long chrome shiny nails
- White,black,pink,red.

Shiny nails
- Green,blue,red,purple,pink,gold,silver,black

- 17

- 1 red, 1 black leather with chains.
- 1 cardigan dark blue

Socks tigh high
- 6

Fishnet stockings
- 6 with garderbelt (without panty) this are made for the amulett slot.

- 1 black vinyl

- Denim bootcut

- 4 Lace pantys
- Cheetha bra,pany,mini skirt

1 - Long sexy glove with long nails

- 1 black

Shoes medium high heel with white short socks

Sneakers with medium high striped socks
- 1 red/black
- 1 black/purple
- 1 sneaker pink leopard without socks

- 8 Medium high heels boots new style.
- 1 black leather straps eshme style boots.
- 2 PlatformBoots

- Made a light version of Hecates revenge dagger for people who do not like owerpowered stuff.

Version History

Details addon v.1.2 (Date: 2007/16/12)
- 2 more Goddesses - Venus and Hecate
- 20 Dresses
- 2 Jackets
- 8 Tops - vinyl:red,white,pink, skimpy:red,black,gold,silver
- 3 panty - vinyl,red,white,pink
- 4 Stockings - red,gold,silver,pink
- 4 undies - red,black,silver,gold
- 3 leggings
- 3 skirts , 1 black leather short, 2 long
- 20 High heels shoes (8 peep toes)
- 6 Hoods
- 4 Boots Maxi High heels
- 19 Collars
- 6 Feather collars
- 1 Body Feather gold collar
- 3 Crowns, gold,silver,white
- 3 Headgears
- 3 Horns
- 8 Weapons, Artemis Bow/arrows,Axe,Hammer,Claymore,Long Sword, Short sword, staff.
- 3 Armors: Elven Princess, Artemis, Gate closer.
- 4 Extra Long chrome shiny nails, red, black, pink, gold.

v.1.1 Fix (Date: 2007/11/12)
Fixed So that the Catwoman mask will not turn invisible if placed uppside down on the ground.
Fixed so that the Combat Brown Leather leggings is not a quest item.
Fixed so that Goddess Athena at the topfloor has an respawning merchant chest.

Details v.1.0 Fullversion (Date:07/11/7)

New items added in the store, 3 more Goddessess that sells stuff in the basement and the topfloor.

Armor:Gold combat heavy armor, black combat heavy armor,Athena heavy armor,
Shadow light armor,Skullbreaker heavy armor,Catwoman light armor,Love a new pink see through sorceress outfit.

Clothing:Boots,sexy high heels sandals,hoods,claws, fishnet stockings,Maxi high heels.

Rings:2 enchanted green and purple magic rings, 2 unenchanted.

Jeweled chains:silver,gold,black with ruby,amber and amethyst.

Wigs:Leon,Mako,Soya,Ren hair.

Weapons:Goddes claymore and blade,Serpent power claymore and blade,Goddes Fury,Victory,Victory Gold,Shadow Katana,Red Black Katana,
Goddess Hellrazer dual blade,Staff of the Druid.

Bows:Shining Red,Purple and Silver bow and arrows, Black bow and arrows.

Details first release v.0.9 Date: 2007/10/09
- Shop
- shop owner Isis offers restoration training

TOTAL 10 armor outfits.

- 3 kitana armor (Original meshes from SkeletonK's Dark Illusion armor,Slash197 (put meshes together)
- 1 Red passion (retexture of Exnem's Divine Sorceress)
- 1 greenmagic (retexture of Exnem's Divine Sorceress)
- 1 blue sea (retexture of Exnem's Divine Sorceress)
- 1 panthera leopard (retexture of Exnem's Divine Sorceress)
- 1 Camouflage armor (Original meshes by Exnem and Abovewolf)
- 1 Pink shiny Amazon armor (retexture of Exnem's Amazon armor)
- 1 Blood red crocodile Amazon armor (retexture of Exnem's Amazon armor)

Some clipping problems with the Sorceress gloves in first person view and in some animations.

The Gold and the black combat armor top have a high collar that makes the hair clip
in the collar if you have long hair, you can use the short hair and ponytail wigs
in the shop to avoid collar clipping.

Gold/black combat leather leggings clip a lot over the knees in animations where you bend the legs a lot.

The Shadow pants are meant to be used with the Shadow top,
(The design of the shadow top covers perfectly any gap between the pants and the top)
the pants are cut of meshes made to Growlfs hot body,
they can look strange with other outfits but looks great with the shadow top.

The high heels Shadow boots are meant to be used with the shadow pants,
they are cut of meshes made to Growlf hot body
so the will not fit so good with other type of pants or leggings.

The Skullbreaker armor is meshes made for Growlfs hot body but works great on Exnem if you have the whole otfit on.

Extra Long chrome shiny nails are for corwyn and you will have a gap at the wrist
if not used with the dresses with long sleeves and the skimpy tops that has a half glove that covers the gap.

Fps slowdown:
People with a slow computer or not so fast graphic cards can get fps slowdown
in the store because there are many merchants and items.
Unfortunately the whole waterfront area outside the store on the waterfront street has
a lot of fps slowdown and it has nothing to do with the store.

Important info about the wigs!
You can get them from 2 unlocked chests on the mainfloor beside Goddess Isis.
One with short hair wigs and one with long hair wigs.

Renwigs and Babewigs
The good:
fantastic god rich colors and looks like real hair when outdoors, works great no surprises.

The bad:
Indoors the hair color gets darker and gets a kind of dark grey redish strange glow tone.

When you look at your character in the inventory menu when you put the wig on it looks like the wig hair is black,
but when you have the wig on and look at yourself in third person view you see that the wig has nice color.

No ears?
You loose your ears with all wigs that you can get in Oblivion, but you only notice it with the very short hair styles.

If there are any problems or bugs, let me know so I can fix them.
Excuse me if there are some strange english grammar and spellings,
english is not my native language, I am from Sweden.
I am learning this stuff and this is my first mod so be patient and kind please!

You can find me on the teseyecandy.com forums as "apachii"
You can find me on tesnexus.com as"apachii"
You can send me an email here krullig_pudel@yahoo.se
You can find me on my homepage Algonet.se as "Anki Pettersson"

Before using anything from this mod please ask permission from the original authors.
The models that I used are open resource or I have gotten permission from the author.

Programs used
Made with TES Construction Set v.1.2.404
Nifskope v.1.3
Photoshop v.7.0
The Conformulator

I hope you will enjoy shopping at the Goddess Store!

CREDITS (for v.0.9 - v.1.3.)

Credits and thanks to (without this people and recourses there would not be any Goddess Store)
Exnem - sorceress outfit, Amazon armor,Warrior armor,Rogue armor, female eyecandy body
Jrh - shop resource
Arynn - Meshes from Arynns hot armor and Arynns_Truhe
AlienSLof- wig textures,aschain textures and lots of other textures used a little bit here and there.
Chingari - Exnemized Platform boots,rogue pants textures,exnemized iron armor skirt,fixed clipping on items, the Goddess Stores handyman!
Spirited Treasure - Exnemized Senus battlemage set- Ranger armor.
KafeiDotour - circlet meshes from Kafei's Armored Circlets,rings and slave bracers.
Senus - the battlemage set, glowing rings from Complete Mage Pack.
Sluggo - Meshes from Silk Dancer Bikini Set.Eshme - Original bra and panty meshes.Aleanne - Blue Dancer Bikini outfit.
Grhys - Meshes from Stock Clothing, Armor Replacer and Shivering Isles meshes Clothing for Exnem's Female Body
Xiamara - textures from XiaNewAmulets
Ren - Original hair meshes and textures
Growlf - original meshes for spiked hand,meshes used for Athena armor,Soyawigs,gold textures.
Bisquit - Exnemized Growlf armor Bisquits' Crimson Eye Candy Armor
Windy:- Shining, Oblivion and Magpie bows
Nicoroshi - longer arrows mesh,Talon of Akatosh,Ranger cuirass
x-com-Mystic Mage Dress
Xessive-Dark Brotherhood Shadow Set
RAVAGE-Dark Brotherhood Shadow Set
pale_rider- Armor of Dragons Nightmare
Slappy Meat-original wigs
Babe hair - kozaburo
Loth DeBonneville
Someone1074-Capes and Cloaks
Belenos-Capes and Cloaks
jbrowne-Original Catsuit Variants
dgrx-Original Catsuit Variants
Nicko99-Sexy Dancer Outfit
Phnx-retexturing the Exnem's ebony warrior outfit
CKemu-Oblivion Keyblade
burnexhaust-Black Bow and arrow
Eldrac-Blackred katana
Windy-Shining, Oblivion and Magpie bows
Dimitri Mazieres-Ranger cuirass
Nick Cureton-Heaven & Hell
SquarEnix-The Holy Win Sword,The Holy Rood (Lea Monde) from Vagrant Story
throttlekitty -Viper sword,John Lundemo Odinblades.com
MC-MC's Staff Pack
SickleYield-Neckchains, textures by AlienSlof
Mrs Bisquits-EC Catsuit Variants
Kitana's Outfit by Slash197 and Flucidity
Skeleton K's original Dark Illusion armor
Koldorn - amazon Gold Trim Texture
Abovewolf- the Rosanna outfit and Exnems Wearable Underwear
AlienSLofs collar mesh, modified mesh by Kikaimegami.
JdayT meshes and textures "The Joy of Six" Armor sets.
Loth Nail meshes, made longer by JdayT and changed the texture to chrome set.(Corwyn claws)
Adax original set of Antler horn, made longer by JdayT and rerigged.
Gorgonzola3000: Pegasus set, Little-big-studio.com
Female Finery Texture Replacer By Calislahn
Very high heels shoes meshes, original eshme/peckas bab shoes, exnemized by ligeia.
Sinblood -Nightwalkerboots textures
BETHESDHA for their original Meshes

Credit and "Domo arigato Gozaimashita!"
Morniel - Japanese translation and help with contact for getting permission from Japanese Authors.
Saber Cloth Mod Author: Noah
Black Luster Armor meshes for Exnem's Body By hide
Regard FemaleCostume lace texture by Regard
BP 2ch-Ed
Tad - Meshes from French Maid Outfits and Thigh High Socks.Fishnet Lace Stockings and Garter belt meshes by tad
Futsuuno Fuku etude -futsuunohuku- OriCasualSet
Aniki - Aniki's GLclothes
Ahiru - Ahiru Glasses

All the nice helpful people at TES EyeCandy modding community, Official EyeCandy Body Mod forum Teseyecandy.com

Myself for spending many hours late night putting everything togheter.

VagabondAngel for his reflective armor tutorial

lhammonds for his CS tutorial and help with catwoman gnd mask.

Lord Gannondorf for his Oblivion mod makers manual

The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki, Cs.elderscrolls.com


And of course Bethesda Softworks for creating Oblivion

If I forgot someone please let me know!


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Apachii Goddess Store 1.3 (Addon)

Apachii Goddess Store 1.3 (Addon)

Weapon Skin

This is an addon pack for the Apachii Goddess Store 1.2 (Base) mod. This adds more clothing, armors, weapons and other items to the store.

Apachii Goddess Store 1.2 (Base)

Apachii Goddess Store 1.2 (Base)

Weapon Skin

This adds a store in the Imperial City Waterfront that has pretty much every armor/clothing made for the Exnem body (well, not really - but it adds a...

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