Hello AoE fans! Wars of Liberty is a free fan modification for Age of Empires III. WoL brings 24 new civilizations, dozens of new maps, natives, music, and more. The team has worked hard to ensure that each civilization has its own unique gameplay that will turn Age of Empires III into a great new RTS experience. Choose a Religion and gain access to new units, technologies, and the ability to gather and spend our unique faith resource. Spy on your enemies and destroy them without building a single military unit with the redone Espionage system. Break lategame stalemates with the powerful Great War Age. And enjoy it all with more than 50 new Random Maps, new Natives for Latin America and Africa, new music, and much, much more.

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Sleigh bells are ringing, which means it's that time of year again: The Annual ModDB Awards!

Thanks to the work of fantastic and devoted fans like you, last year we were able to reach the top 100 mods, making us the highest ranked mod for any game in the Age of Empires series! So this year, once again, we are asking you to do the same!

But don't just take my word for it! Why vote for WoL? We are the largest and most active mod for Age of Empires III today, with 37 civilizations and over 18 more on the way! WoL offers a ton of unique maps, natives, gameplay styles, and more and it always has been and always will be completely free!

Plus, there's never been a better time to jump in. Our last update was only a couple weeks ago, and we hope to release another by the end of the year! Our multiplayer scene is booming, and we will be making an exciting announcement about our upcoming tournament very soon!

So what are you waiting for?
Click "Vote Now" above to nominate us for Mod of the Year 2017! Voting ends Sunday, December 9th at midnight UTC, so be sure to get your vote in now!

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