Ancient Empires Elysium (AEE) series mods: Roman Wars (AEE: RW work in progress) and Grand Campaign (AEE: GC) are major mods using Rome Total War (RTW) + Barbarian Invasion expansion pack (BI). Both AEE: RW and AEE: GC are epic mods covering time span from 280 B.C. to 243 A.D, but they concern different strategic theatres. Twenty one factions (19 playable). Totally new very detailed map, covering ancient world. Expanded political and magistrate system - Roman Republican System (RRS). Unique recruitment system...

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this mod is the best :D


Everything looks great!. however i cant play the game to the fullest because my laptop cant run the game on maxed (probably because of too much grass) but still a great mod tho, found some minor bugs that looks like its easy to fix.. got to hand it over the the mod developer!


Fenghuan says

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Unstable, Too many Bugs, Not mod-foldered which caused me to reinstall my entire game.
This shouldn't even be released, FAILURE COMPLETE FAILURE!
The 2 points only go to the Graphics!


MarkoDomaci says

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Mod is great! But I noticed some bugs. When I tryed to play greek cities you cant see decription on general and when you move faction leader from Sparta he dies and game ends... Same is with gauls. Please fix this if you can. Still 10/10 for everything other (graphic,gameplay,units,...)


expect much from this mod are honestly incredible new textures and also hope to have some blood men.I'm hoping the version full

You did justice to the game that the developer's couldn't even dream of doing. Very much enjoying playing it so far. I need 150 characters to justify why this mod is ******* amazing so. It's ******* amazing.

Awesome mod

amazing mod and is not yet available!

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