Whether you would like to be Amazons for their mobility or Romans with artillery and minefields or assume command of a long lost civilization, the Far East Celt, and learn how to deploy their terrifying linked-armor-cavalry, the latest Amazons: Total War brings you back to the ancient world with many hidden surprises.

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This mod really looks beautiful, the new skins and animations are such an upgrade it is almost a new game. The new units and factions really do make it fresh new game, and the changes from earlier versions of ATW are enough to make this new one interesting to update to.

Cool mod... =D =P XD


Best mod for Rome Total War ever.


This is truly the most exotic and revolutionary mod based on the Rome Total War game engine. With the complete re-design of the game concept. New 512x512 animation and landscape that rival even the later TotalWar game engines. No other mod can have ancient version of the tank battles, minefields, mobile artillery, quest playing, never heard of but all historically real units, like the link cavalry (not sure of the exact name), all put together.

As my friend Soundwave said,Cool mod for Rome:Total.


I have played a lot of mods and a lot of total war games, but I always go back to amazon total war. It's just more fun then other mods.

As someone lucky enough to have worked with some of these guys on other mods and helped host the project, I'm not in the least bit surprised to see it topping the ModDB rankings. Fantastic team, massively professional and really innovative work.


very very nice mod



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Best mod for Rome Total War ever.

Mar 12 2013 by Balgeron