City 12 is about to be free once more. The resistance is operating openly and is rapidly regaining influence. The Civil Protection is increasingly corrupt. Anti-combine television broadcasts are tolerated.

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What is this, some sort of knockoff Citadel? Atmosphere is otherwise on point. Ominous, hopeless music and beautifully depressing vistas.

Now I see the citadel transformation. Neat effect.

Textures and props were a bit sparse. Environments are a bit sterile, but lays creative groundwork for something great. This mod has some amazing and inspirational ideas, but it just needs more time in the oven.

Wait a minute... this is horror! Spinning IV cart!

Weird staircases that often made no sense.

I hate a game that simultaneously uses the lamda symbol as a secret and a path forward. Makes for too much backtracking.

Game got progressively lazier with pointless (but well-populated) rooms to completely empty rooms that serve no purpose other than to extend playtime.

Mapping was maze-like at times with repeated revisits which was interesting, but clumsy. Too much time spent wondering if I just went backwards. Mostly nonsensical layouts with paths forward in the last place you'd expect. Right, because this small closet is connected to the rest of the goddamn building.

Maps were too huge and too open.

Plot was obtuse and too difficult to understand. The author thinks his story is bigger than it is. If you need 5 minutes of textpostion to explain the ending, it's not a good ending. Perhaps it could be a good story, but it feels unfinished and rushed.

There's a good amount of content here. Took me several hours to complete. It's disjointed and rough around the edges, but the mapping and game design show great promise. It's a fun mod to play, and for all its flaws, I'm still giving it an 8/10.

Every so often I get to play a mod that is shockingly mediocre, something that just isn't bad and isn't good. I have very little I can say about this mod other that 'it exists.' the combat exists, the level design exists, the story exists, and so on. Visually, it is also very mediocre. It's not super ugly and overall the prop placement and texture use is alright, and the lighting is super bland. I think that's the best way to describe it, bland.

Overall don't expect anything from this good or bad, it's a Half-Life 2 mod that exists.

P.S. Some areas seem completely unfinished? Like there was a deadline to meet and the mod went up then no matter what.


good general story, some maps need design work (they're too bland, or there's not enough detail, or the map is too linear, small stuff like that
not to mention the ending is REALLY confusing


vehk says

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This is a very enjoyable and finely crafted mod. Gameplay, atmosphere and level design are top-notch throughout, with only some exceptions towards endgame where the maps get a little rough. Some custom assets were used, which fit perfectly and give this mod a unique edge.

A lot of novel puzzle and battle ideas in here, with a lot of variety in the enemies you fight. A few unexpected twists as well.

While the difficulty is definitely higher than the base game, the mod never felt unfair - expect a good challenge and intense battles.

I'd love to see the finished mod sometime.


I thought this was a solid mod story was great and there was very little wrong with it.

Loved that multiple enemy types were used throughout the whole game and that multiple weapons were given from the get go. ammo and health were consistent.

Only real minus was minor glitches.


Heinzy says

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My friend made it so it is good.

An interesting playthrough.

Having gotten my hands on the latest version, I rampaged through the levels, which were well designed with interesting gameplay elements, such as Metro Cop turning on the Combine.

Some set-pieces are well contrived and I had a blast playing through it, even if some parts felt unfinished :>


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