Since the very beginning of Cry of Fear, it was apparent that Simon was severely depressed, and had no one to turn to. It was even said by Doctor Purnell that Simon had been deeply disturbed individual since long before "the accident". But how did Simon get this way? What had happened that caused him to have no one to depend on in his life? This custom story mod takes a creative look at how Simon got to where he was at the very beginning of Cry of Fear. It's about having no one to depend on, no shoulder to lean on, and no one, not even your best friend, to turn to at your darkest hour. It's a story of social isolation, of being pathetically and utterly alone.

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We've been back from the break for a while now, and we'll have several screenshots (and a possible video) soon. Also, I have a Patreon now!

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Despite it being nearly six months since the last article, I've actually been back to work on the mod for about a month and a half now. The most recent weekend alone, over the course of two days on a single map, I finished the level design, added all of the details, lighting, and enemies to the map, created all of the scripted events, and started work on the next one.

Progress is going well, and I'll have several screenshots coming soon. Not only that, but when I add the last couple of tweaks to a couple of maps in the chapter, I'll show off some in-game footage of several maps in Chapter 3!

In other news, I have created a Patreon, so people who want to support my work with money can do so, while my content remains free!

Patreon functions as a sort of monthly tip jar. Let's say you choose to regularly donate one dollar; in the course of an entire month, if I create a piece of content, I get that dollar. If I create nothing that month, I get nothing. If I create 10 pieces of content, I still only get just that 1 dollar. Patreon is designed to prevent scammers from spam-releasing crap and getting a ton of money. It doesn't matter how much content you release; as long as you release one piece a month, you get just the one occurrence of the donation for that month.

By becoming a patron, you will get your name featured in the end credits, and will get access to special screenshots and videos of the mod before they are released to ModDB. Anything counts, and I would greatly appreciate the help.


Also, keep in mind that the Patreon includes not only the mod, but also my youtube channel, and my soundcloud.

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