Updated Unit List! 11-10-07

This mod is not dead!

Welcome to the Alliance and Empire Forces of Corruption mod. The mod includes various unit additions as well as new Planets and GC Scenarios that can accompany any Forces of Corruption game.

Alliance and Empire aims to improve the Empire and Rebellion, as well as balance existing ships.

New Feaures:

New Planets

AaE adds 3 new planets; Concord Dawn, Trandosha, and Rakata Prime.

New GC Scenarios

AaE adds 4 new GC scenarios.

  • Galaxy at War- Features only the 13 planets featured prominently in the movie.
  • Galactic Civil War- Featuring only the Rebels and Empire.
  • A New Republic- The Rebels, now New Republic, control the core while the Empire is forced to the outer rim.
  • Pirate Uprising- each faction has only one planet, the rest of the planets are controlled by pirates.

Minor Heros

AaE allows the recruitment of several less imporant people from officer academies, including:

  • Captain Needa
  • Captain Pellaeon
  • Admiral Ozzel
  • Covell
  • General Cracken
  • General Rieekan

Non-Hero Arc Hammer

A non-hero version of Rom Mohcs Arc Hammer, these also allow production of dark troopers.

Each faction will now have the option to build 3 different types of MDUs, each one allowing to build 4 options (3 of the standard FOC ones and a mobile landing zone)

Unit List for Version 1.0

New Units:

Galactic Empire

New Heroes

  • Mara Jade
  • Blackhole
  • Moff Jerjerrod

Minor Heroes

  • Captain Pellaeon(Purchasable)
  • Captain Needa(Purchasable)
  • Admiral Ozzel(Purchasable)

Space Units

  • Mandator-class Star Dreadnought
  • Implacable-class Star Destroyer
  • Venator-class Star Destroyer
  • Arc Hammer-class Factory Ship
  • Executor-class Star Dreadnought
  • V-wing starfighter
  • TIE Fighter (GC)
  • TIE Bomber (GC)
  • TIE Hunter
  • TIE Advanced
  • Victory II-class Frigate
  • ISD-I
  • ISD-II
  • Firespray Patrol Ship

Land Units

  • Sand Troopers
  • Snow Troopers
  • Scout Troopers
  • Dark Side Adepts

Rebel Alliance

New Heroes

  • Kyle Katarn
  • Leia Organa
  • General Dodonna
  • Boushh
  • The Lusankya(Purchasable)
  • The Hand of Judgment
  • Wicket The Ewok
  • Crix Madine
  • The Independence

Space Units

  • MC80 Mon Cal Cruiser(Home One-type)
  • Viscount-Class Star Defender
  • V-wing starfighter
  • Z-95 Headhunter
  • XJ-Wing Starfighter

Land Units

  • Rebel Strike Team
  • Rebel Alien Squad
  • All Terrain Attack Pod
  • Infantry Support Platform
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Alliance and Empire Mini Mod

Alliance and Empire Mini Mod


This is just a small preview of what is to come in the new Forces of Corruption Mod "Alliance and Empire".

Wicket The Ewok Mini-Mod


A Small preview of the AaE mod, this gives the Rebel Alliance a new hero: Wicket The Ewok.

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another dead mod

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i need help i don't know where the download button

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

just press the picture

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but i agree with the size issue

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I have a great idea for the mod.
I've been thinking, and I think that to make the mod more real, no new ships that have never appeared in the Star Wars universe shall be added, and that the armament of the ships should follow a concrete ratio from the oficial weaponry. I mean, for example, if a Star Destroyer has 60 turbolasers and 60 ion cannons oficially, then you should divide by ten the number of weaponry that will appear in the game, so that the Star Destroyer will have 6 turbolasers and 6 ion cannons in the game. This ratio should apply for all ships. So then if I create and MC80 Calamari cruiser, I divide the 48 turbolasers by 10, so you put 5 of them onto the ship, and then divide the 20 ion cannons also by 10, and you put 2 ion cannons in the ship. This will allow us to see the real firepower of the ships and would make the game more real. The same should happen with the lengths of the ships.

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yeah, but the weapons on the rebel ships are better as-well-as the sheilds, so they would need to change the damage ratios. After all, a mon cal cruiser SHOULD be able to take an imp star mark 1 minus fighters on both sides. Also, Home One class and Mon Romanda should be able to last longer than an imp star mark 2 would against a ssd, so they should be able to kick an imp star's butt (trying to stay cencored and all) all and all, the numbers don't matter, but the relative cpabilities do.

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1337Bishop Creator

Wicket the Ewok Mini-Mod is up :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
1337Bishop Creator

its on the help wanted page now

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for some reason, when i clicked ur name, it didn't show me... you profile. i know, i didn't wait long enough, but i swear, it wasn't there.

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