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Playing this in multiplayer mode may be tricky. In this article I'm going to gather the most relevant info on the subject.

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Updated 1st Aug 2016: The V4C version works flawlessly within my home network through Hamachi. However, playing with other remote PCs could cause the "Network out of Sync error", so the game eventually crashes. I got to check, whether the problems are caused by slow connection speeds, or some problem with how the PCs are configured.

When I started this mod, I had to choose between modding Warcraft 2 Battle.net Edition, or Wargus. Since BNE was designed for playing through Battle.net, and only contained the legacy multiplayer modes, such as null-modem cable, and IPX Network, I decided that this is the same as having no MP support at all. So I took Wargus without any hope for making the mod playable online. However, when version V3 was released, I finally had an opportunity to test it online without expecting too much. The result was that, from one side, the multiplayer mode exists, and the game goes on to some point, but... It eventually shows an "out of sync" error and crashes. In other words, unplayable.

As time went on, this bug was reported, and the guys currently overlooking Wargus finally seemed to be able to detect the source of this error, being some random unit actions that led to different players start having slightly different versions of what's going on, which eventually leads them to having parllel realities and error descriptions, like "player issued an impossible command".

It's important to know, that Wargus 2.4 is something that's being constantly upgraded, so only the late versions seemed to have this issue fixed.

So, I used the modded Wargus 2.4 in nearly all versions of my mod: 3A, 4A, 4B. I even included the proper Wargus installer into the package. Yet, the latest test showed lots of problems with playing online, so I charged to solve this problem, if possible. This is the reason V4C was introduced. As it turned out, Wargus kept being updated, so I made the new compilation of the mod based on the latest build of Wargus 2.4. I had two tests: on a faster Internet connection, the game of me vs myself went smoothly, with no errors. However, the game I played with someone else went seemingly smoothly until it crashed. Here's the video: Youtu.be.

The moment it crashed was when a ballista was going to destroy a tower with somepony inside. This led me to an idea, that smooth multiplayer is possible, but I need to get rid of whtever may cause problems. In this case, I'm ready to give up on the features I enabled, like unit garrisoning. So, in the near future I hope to finally conclude multiplayer is Ok, or not. For this purpose I'll use version V4C.

For now, here are the basic issues with multiplayer:

1. Connecting

To establish a multiplayer connection, you need a VPN software like Hamachi. In case of Hamachi, there are sometimes problems with Windows Firewall, which I sometimes had to disable. If you're an advanced user, try to allow the hamachi network in it. When hamachi connection is created, you can right-click a user, and copy his/her IP. Paste this IP when adding an address in Wargus multiplayer menu.

Sometimes a client fails to connect, and the best option is to create the game again.

2. Multiplayer Maps

Updated August 3rd 2016

Wargus has the following requirements for multiplayer maps:

  • Name must not contain spaces
  • The map must be put to the maps\ folder strictly

If the part about the maps\ folder was pretty easy to figure out, the part with spaces in file names was my recent finding.

Before finding this out, I accidentally fixed my Ponyville map by doing the steps listed below, so I thought they were the reason. However, the coincidence was I deleted the only space when saving those maps. I'll anyway keep these steps, since they are the fail-safe method of converting single-player maps to multiplayer.

1. Make sure any neutral unit used for decoration purposes belongs to player-15 in the editor.

2. Delete all units belonging to any players. Start locations cannot be deleted.

3. Go to player properties and turn all players into "nobody"

4. Save the map.

5. Open the map, edit player properties in the menu - should only contain empty slots. Reserve the number of player slots you neeed, specify they're "persons"

6. For every player added, put the start location (which is not in the units list, but the separate one, that looks like a cross), add a peasant and, if needed, the basic building.

7. Save the map into the default maps\ folder

8. To play online, both players must have the map in their Wargus\maps folder

Please note, that if the map is for, say, 3 players, and there are two persons who want to play, then the third player will be a pretty highly motivated AI - no way to disable that for now.

3. Lags

Damn, this game was working well on 9600 dial-up modems. What's up? I don't know, but sometimes this happens. Once, I was able to avoid this by noticing Wargus is using too much of my CPU, so the other player hosted the game, and it went smoothly, more or less.

MLP cybersport rules, but leaves you occasionally confused.

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