Aliens CM is not the burner, it is not very good as we all know. okay what not so it is great, the graphics in the game. Unfortunately, we think you can not do much about it! But you can use this mod or using this modified data of the game are the following things better. - DirectX 10 is enabled -Better light thanks to DX10 Realistic light-shadow effects lamps. - Weapons reflect better. - Realistic muzzle flash. Fewer problems with Nvidia 3d 3d mode (MAY :) - RAM usage is better for graphics (textures) light animations texture memory load times of textures and shadows. - Game will load faster. - Better Bloom - MSAA ON - Play better with the controller better AIM is active.

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At best, the current version slightly reduces bloom and unlocks the framerate. However, after all the patches Gearbox has issued - even the newest version seems pointless to use. Framerate can be unlocked by editing config files and a majority of features are either not present in a mod itself (the game is still using DirectX 9 rendering) or already present in current version of a game.




Mod dx-10 dx-11 big lies. One can easily see the disabling in the ini, dx-10 dx-11. The difference will not be noticeable. And the main thing with the new patch Gears box mod is not compatible.

The game has only launched for few weeks and this man already took his time to made huge difference in the game. The mod of this magnitude deserves 10/10.


A game that had to be tha alien game of the age .. but they missmatcht with it so hard .. thanks to this mod there is more 2013 futures in to the game for a high end pc and not a pc from 2009 Great work



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Awsome in every way!


xxdabtxx says

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i love you guys


Orthus says

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V2 is great and vastly improves the look of the game, although there was a bug with the cut-scenes this has been remedied by someone in the comments section. Look forward to more updates :)


Lagit6 says

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V2 is great with the SweetFX. Well Done!

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V2 is great with the SweetFX. Well Done!

Feb 16 2013 by Lagit6