This is essentially a modification that makes the game more like all the aliens and predator movies, weapons, abilities, voices, textures, in order to provide a substantially bigger, realistic and more satisfying experience.

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woah, this is insanely impressive...


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Very Well made mod!
AJL pretty much overhauls the entire already fun Aliens vs Predator 2 and adds and redoes weapons, classes, and concepts. Small touches like the alien being able to Head-bite anytime he wishes, Or a Marine being able to establish Sentry's, Are very welcome and well integrated. Predators are given new visual affects for vision modes (including the Very Nice looking Alien Vision) and there new skins make it easier to pick the Predators apart. Aliens are given a fish-eye effect in the first person that I loved in the Original Aliens vs Predator. Its very unfortunate that the Mod does not receive much publicity. which limits game play. It is however, Very Fun for LAN Party's.

Many Interesting Situations can arise, like when I was a Marine who established a Sentry and was fending off Drones with Ease, When a Predator Throws a Spear and Successfully Lodges itself into the Barrel Of my sentry, jamming and effectively disabling it, I was quickly overwhelmed without the help of my robotic friend, And I loved every second of it.

AJL is a very well made multiplayer that is very well balanced and unique multiplayer experience. I was disappointed that the Campaign is unplayable with it. (although it can be done, with some handy work) And is really the only thing that keeps this from being a 10. The AJL mod is really worth a download and offers a very interesting game.


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