AirFightUT is the first and most extensive vehicle combat TC for Unreal Tournament. This modification introduces modern combat vehicles into the UT game, vehicles which try to mirror their real life military counterparts (vehicle models and weapons). Our large roster of vehicles includes the F-15, F-16, Su-27, MiG-29, Tornado, JAS-39, M1, T-80, AH-64 Apache, and more... *We are porting to UT2003, but further development for UT is continuing. You can contact the AF community at

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This is a really amazing mod for UT99. A entire flightsim + tanksim in one roll.

However it has many flaws:

Most prominent is the physics, the tanks don't really look right when
going up any kind of incline and they also seem really awkward to drive.

The jet's are also somewhat hard to control and there's this interesting glitch where if you were to cut your engines and your top speed decreases enough you go into a "Landing" like state and begin to fall, even if you suddenly accelerate and set your thrust to 110% Afterburner you can't break from it and will continue to be falling. As long as you're not about to hit a wall and just the floor you will be completely fine upon hitting ground no matter how high you dropped from.

The weapon loadouts are also sort of mediocre. Tanks have no more than just one type of cannon shell and one type of machinegun you cannot change between HEAT, SABOT, HESH ,etc as far as I know the only cannon shell would be SABOT.. or maybe HEAT I don't know but it's a really limited choice of ammo for the tanks.

There's also only two types of tanks. The MBT and the IFV, I also question the reason for having IFV's in a game with no infantry... There are other tanks but they're unused and improperly skinned.

The bot AI is somewhat both stupid and cheating. The stupid factor is when they SENSE that you have a missile lock and you haven't even fired one they immediately drop their countermeasures wasting them all. If you wait long enough for them to finish that process you can then launch whatever you had locked on and they wont have a chance against it.

The cheating as well as another stupid factor is they always seem to use missiles first instead of try to dogfight with the cannon, this results in new players constantly dying even if they properly deploy CM's the IFV AI will also spam TOW rockets rather than try to fight with the autocannon.

Overall it's worth a try, but play it with friends not bots. The project needs to be revived.


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