In this mod, I will be looking to overhaul the vanilla game, step by step. This is a beta WIP and I intend to have a release after each stage or version is completed. New units, features, regions, and gameplay from multiple mods and communities awaits!

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In this version, Thrace is overhauled, Culture is added as a feature, and some music and videos were unlocked.

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Thrace is by far the most obscure faction in Rome Total War. It seems like the devs had originally planned for an Illyrian faction when at the last minute, they decided to make Thrace instead. Why? Every faction in this game that is non roman had a significant war or series of wars against Rome. Thrace had some minor altercations it seems. I was so perplexed by the idea of this faction that I almost turned them into Illyria. However, this is a vanilla enhancement mod that is supposed to add some historical flavor, not a realism mod.. so I left them in, and made them as interesting as possible!

Thracian InfantryThracian Infantry

Thrace is a weird faction to mod in game terms as well. They are 'greek' in culture but historically they seemed to be a mix of Greek and Barbarian. The engine doesn't allow us to do much with that, and I didn't want them to seem 'barbarian' so I kept them as Greek, but made their units wild and fearsome. This faction is extremely unique compared to some of the others, and they should be a lot of fun to play with!

Here is a list of all the features in V7:

- Complete Overhaul of Thracian Roster

- New Feature: Culture. This is based off the BI religion feature and heavily influenced by XGM

- Thracian 'Faction Destroyed' video now properly appears

- Two new music tracks added to non roman and non barbarian campaigns. They are the Greek and Eastern intro tracks

- Mod now runs with -noalexander. This enables intro videos to run again, so make sure you put that in your target line or the mod won't work!

- Thrace has an exclusive Mercenary Unit to recruit in it's homelands: Bastarnae

- All sprites are corrected, so there shouldn't be any missing anymore.

The Thracian Roster is large and diverse, a far cry from the vanilla faction that seemed so bare. Check it out!

Thracian ArmyThracian Army

The Thracian Army in Detail:


Tier 1: Peasants

Tier 2: Hillmen


Tier 1: Swordsmen & Spearmen

Tier 2: Thracian Infantry & Thracian Spearmen

Tier 3: Veteran Infantry & Pikemen

Tier 4: Thracian Heavy Infantry & Royal Pikemen

Tier 5: Thracian Noble Infantry & Noble Falxmen


Tier 1: Peltasts & Slingers

Tier 2: Archers and Thracian Peltasts

Tier 3: Heavy Peltasts & Ballistas

Tier 4: Noble Peltasts & Onagers


Tier 1: Militia Cavalry & Thracian Lancers

Tier 2: Thracian Cavalry

Tier 3: Thracian Noble Cavalry

Tier 4: Thracian Heavy Cavalry


Thracian General

Thracian Armored General



This was one of the most fun rosters to make, and it should make for a very interesting campaign. As a player, you have multiple strategies to choose from. There are strong infantry and skirmishers as well as cavalry. There are also pikemen, so a smart general will use his selection wisely!

New Feature CultureNew Feature: Culture!


- Lanjane for amazing unit cards and some model/texture edits as well as his own creations

- BHL_20 for his awesome work on culture. He gave it his own flavor, and it fits in perfectly!

- kirilakristi for analysis on Thracian Roster

- Mausolos for letting me not forget about the Bastarnae

- crazyroman for testing

- XGM for Noble Falxmen Model & Culture idea

- ME mod for some models & textures

- Barbarians Revenge Mod for some models and textures

- Rise of Empire mod for some models and textures

- webbird for Thracian face skin

- Everyone who's following and supporting this mod on moddb, Exilian and TWC

- Everyone on Slack who keeps the community alive

Finally, thank you all for downloading and making this mod happen!

- ahowl11

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