The Supermod for Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales adds more ships, inland locations on islands and several new features. Contained also are the contents of the official v1.5 patch. This mod is now updated to version 4.0 - the the last official update for this game.

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We are pleased to announce the release of Age of Pirates: Historical Immersion Supermod! We've developed this out of the old supermod to try to improve game aspects, fix the bugs, and make aspects in the game historically accurate.

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Ask yourself the following 5 questions:
1. Why should I download this mod?
2. When Is the New mod available?
3. Is this the full version of the game?
4. Does this make my game work smoothly?
5. Will it be updated?

The 5 answers are:
1. This mod is an evolution of the previous supermod designed to stabilize AoP and make it more enjoyable to play.

2. The Mod is Available now.

3. No this is not the full version of the game. This mod is compatible with the original 1.4.1 game disc available here:

4. This game still does have some irreversible problems. This game has a bug in enemy surrender dialogue that CTD's without warning. The game is quirky/CTD on first start-up (Workaround- disable User account control for that application). The Audio can sometimes stack up eventually causing a CTD (Workaround - save game when you hear stacked music and restart the application).

5. Planned updates are as follows with version numbers:
- v3.5 = Bloody Mischelle/storyline fix and new music for towns and church (released)
- v4.0 = Application Installer (released)

Mod Includes:
- 9 New Ships Added:
· Light Sloop - fast modestly armed military vessel. (one mast)
· Sloop Of War - fast heavily armed military ship. (two mast)
· Xebec - fast heavily armed military ship. (three mast lateen rig)
· Barquentine - Lighter Barque with good cargo capacity. (three mast square rig)
· Grand Caravel - Outdated Trader Ship, but good mileage and durability. (three mast square)
· Brig- Royal Navy Variant. (three mast square/lateen rig)
· Light Frigate - Fast and modestly armed frigate. (three mast square/lateen rig)
· Heavy Frigate - Decently fast and heavily armed frigate. (three mast square/lateen rig)
· Replaced the stock Lineship with a new model. (three mast square/lateen rig)
- Ships statistics have been rebalanced to accommodate the new ships.
- All ships now have historically accurate cannons.
· Made five new different sound schemes based on the old version of mod (Original, Mod Content, Epic Music, All Music, No Music). NOTE: Mod Content will be the default scheme. A "Music Options Key" text document will tell you which scheme equals which labeled button (trust me you'll need it).
· Added unique sounds to cannon fire {Small (8-12pdr), Medium(16-24pdr), Large(36-48pdr), Mortar (92pdr)}.
· Re-mastered "cannon reload" (Left, Right, All) and "reload cannon with ___ shot" sounds for historical accuracy. Courtesy of Age of Sail II: Privateer's Bounty.
· Logo Videos Return (1C Logo Removed, Akella Logo given sound, Playlogic Logo)
· Added new videos ( Logo and Mod Intro)
· Changed order of videos in Seadogs.c to accommodate 4 videos (Playlogic, Akella, Pirates Ahoy, Mod Intro)
· Waste Gold at Brothel - Visual content removed.
· Use the bank and take on debt.
· New cheat (bestglass) for exquisite spyglass.
Game/Bug Fixes:
· Some English Showing in Russian.
· All Patches up to 1.5 added to the supermod.
· Danny2007 for patch combination and language bug fixes.
· CyberOps for Abilities column and Brig (royal navy).
· Captain Blackfleet for source EXE for sound scheme changer.
· Modder01 for new videos, new music, new sounds, new ships, historical accuracy, ship balancing and code fixes.
NOTE: Add credit, when applicable, to any person who adds to this mod.

Copy the "Age of Pirates: Caribbean Tales" and paste it in the following folder:
32 bit Operating System: C:/Program Files/Playlogic
64 bit Operating System: C:/Program Files (x86)/Playlogic

Mod Download Link:
Age of Pirates: Historical Immersion Supermod


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