Age of Ideologies is a mod that aims to create a somewhat realistic simulation of the world after World War 2. The aim of the mod is to improve the vanilla elements of Hearts of Iron IV while also expanding the possibilities of waging proxy wars not unlike the Indochina-Vietnam conflict. Personally i know modeling and that's what i do, but i also have some ideas for how we can create a new and fresh experience and i'm looking for people familiar with modding HOI4, wether it be in rigging or coding. Some main features i plan to implement with this mod: - Military advisors. Some way of increasing the experience of another nations armies and/or use special forces in a covert manner. Difficult to implement for sure, but it could change the nature of HOI4. - Unique 3D models for special forces, unique models for MOST nations. Very small or insignificant nations will probably see the same approach as vanilla HOI4, ie "generic african/asian infantry" etc. - A larger focus on politics.

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Another Cold war mod..


So i know there are a lot of HOI4 Cold war mods, and my aim is to create one with high quality portraits, accurate military equipment and 3D models that represent it.


You will notice that most models i make are of fairly low quality. The reason is simple; we never see the details on the map. I love sculpting and making high quality character models, but there just isn't any reason in this game, and keeping a high speed workflow will let me create as many faction models as possible. If you want 4k boots for your croatian artillery officer, feel free to make 'em. But to me, i want to keep the variety of units high and satisfying. I normally use Blender, Zbrush and 3DCoat.

Features planned:

- Special forces being used in conflict zones without having to declare war.

- Military advisors being used to increase experience and infantry tactics of another country's army. Possibly giving a player control of an foreign army.

- Boosting any party, no matter your own alignment.

- Political events within your nation affecting the nations unity and alignment, such as terrorist bombings, scandals decreasing a party's popularity, riots etc. More of a challenge to rule a la Crusader Kings.

- More buildings available, such as Intelligence Agency buildings, Propaganda office, military training bases.

- Helicopter redeployment. Players can, much like when planning an airborne invasion, choose to move a smaller unit into territories behind the frontlines, granted the enemy doesn't have AA guns or Air Supremacy.

- More Muturally exclusive tech-choices, and a greater variety of equally good equipment. A regular division might benefit from being issued Battle Rifles (SLR, MAS 49) for defense, and a mobile division assault rifles/submachine guns (Sterling, MAT49, later Famas and M16) for more aggressive purposes.

This mod needs YOU!

If you know how to code, if you know history very well, if you know how to mod HOI4 in any way, get in touch.

Guest - - 696,589 comments

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Gomondor - - 11 comments

If only all these CW mod developers could team up and produce a full mod....

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kungfupandacam - - 18 comments

Me too, but most of it is well people wanting different things. We go for an almost full historical route if you check the historical AI button. Mods like Iron Wall and Iron Curtain do not agree with this. But we are adding possiblities to do other things and most mods that wanted to combine with us, Iron Wall and Iron Curtain, have too much development or not enough development to implement and have it work. Who really knows if we will ever get together...
That's my best answer to really give you and not really an official statement from Red Wall. But is an opinion of mine and if I had it my way we would just put Iron Curtain's focus tress and what else they have since other than that, the mod isn't really playable either... Our mod that's uploaded to steam is pretty much fixed now...

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CaptainAvocado Creator
CaptainAvocado - - 21 comments

Indeed. The problem might be in scope. I don't see a point in making a CW mod without introducing features that the time period needs, most CW developers doesn't seem to aim for that.

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