Age of Dynasties will give you a new experience of gameplay, interesting, colourful and impressive. You will even doubt whether it is a mod or a brand new game.

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Hey guys, somehow I fixed it. The game is wonderful and satisfying!!!
The automatic destination of the installation folder was wrong.
I just changed them into c:\Programm (x86)\Microsoft Studios\Age of mepires III - Complete Collection\bin

now it works, because the needed dates are already part of AoE3. As I figured that out the problem was solved.

Maybe there are some other newer players who aren't used to install mods (like me) and this may help you.

First Writing:

Hey, I really believe into your hard work and I'm sure this mod is great.
But I got a problem and I did not find a solution for it.
When I start the mod after a succesful installation it says the "rockallDLL.dll" document isn't there.

I already tried to install it over and over again. Tried things google said to me.
And I got the original AoE Collection (no weird dates from the internet which might affect that).

Maybe this problem already occured to someone or even to the developers. I would be thankful for help!
Because I'm so freaking excited about playing this! O.O

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