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Tell about the Eastern Empires in this mod. They are Chinese, Japanese and Korean

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Hello all. The last thread disappeared Mystically. So I have but glad to write a new one instead.

Eastern Empires refer to the Ming Dynasty (including Manchurian people during the timeline), The Tokugawa Shogunate, the Joseon Kingdom (around 1600s).

At that time, military units in those states are usually divided into different tiers. For Ming and Joseon, they were part-time soldier, frontier defender and royal guards; for Shogunate, they were Ashigaru and Samurai. We adopt this idea and do the same in our mod. So there will be both part-time pikemen and royal guards pikemen in one state's army.

Joseon Kingdom train part-time units in a War-Hut like building called military office. They are:

Militia Pikeman, Militia Crossbow and Volunteer Swordsman:



While, there are also another tier: Noble's private guards. For example, Korean Longbow guard trained in War Academy:


appears in new appearance

And for the Japanese, Ashigaru units are their backbones. Though Ashigaru named, they are mainly well equipped professional soldiers. They have: Ashigaru Pikeman, Ashigaru Musketeer, Ashigaru Archer and kiba Ashigaru.


Samurais are still in developing, so no picture could be showed currently. Sorry for that.

Now come to the Chinese. It will be the main force among the three. Korean and Chinese is a little similar, but Chinese are more skilled in Cavalries while Korean more skilled in ranged units.

Chinese Frontier Troops are the most widely used Chinese units, they include Changdao and Arquebusier, trained at war academy in form of banner army.


and their cavalries are trained in Castle. Also trained of banner army form.


The first tier of Chinese army are Weisuo units. They were normal people gathered with a recruiting command. They were powerful in the beginning of Ming dynasty but after generations they were considerably decadent.


Dislike European and Middle East units, Eastern Asians soldiers wore uniforms, so units of the same tier looks similar in this mod.

That's all. Happy holiday.


greatt Ming troop. but i thought most of Ming soldiers have brigandine armour?

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Huanglukuzhu Author

Maybe it's a rumour. As far as I know, most of Ming soldier wear paper/cloth armour. It's a kind of armour use paper/cloth on double surface and iron slices inside. It's cheap and can provide weak or medium level of protection.

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paper/cloth on double surface and iron slices inside. it similar with brigandine?

and, can you make a diffirent model for Japanese Yumi bow?

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Huanglukuzhu Author

Yes I can. I'm doing.

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Huanglukuzhu Author

It's done. Now Ashigarus and Samurais all have different models.

Paper/cloth armour are paper outside and iron slices inside, like a pie, while brigandine like a pizza.

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