Every version has tried to do something, if not new, at least different; or in the worst case, something bigger. Not for the sake of being big. For the sake of variety. Someone once said "just to see the guns and point and click them at different pictures". Well, we love to have a ton of pictures to shoot at. Whether it is just adding new weapons, monsters or adding dynamic lights to almost every projectile, or adding new effects, or adding damage types and damage resistance to all monsters, each version has tried something new in the AEoD's book. And the 6th version of AEoD is no exception.

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This mod pleased me greatly as I'm fond of huge weapon collections and abilty to carry a number of weapons simultaneously. Not to mention they are designed well enough here. And a chaingun with rocket launcher from Painkiller... I just can't find words to thank the author for that!
A varying replacement of monsters is another entertainment to perform at least several times with different settigns. And you can play it with almost any Doom based game you wish (for example, I played with this mod attached to HackX wad).
I've read some highly offensive reviews for this mod on other sites. Please don't take them seriously. This mod doesn't have its own plot or even maps but it's just what it is. And it's a nice mod, really. Just don't seek what is not present here. This one is for toying with an amount of weapons and enemies, not for honing Doom veteran player skills )))


Great mod.


this is my most played doom mod, it has so many weapons and enemies you will never see them all and there is so much tonent you can replay it forever and not get bored. its the ultimate FPS

the only problem is the inherent limitations of doom of 32 levels means it always ends before you want it to

i highly recommend slaughter maps, more enemies more loot!

also the link here seems to be broken but you can go here for the latest version Forum.zdoom.org


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Awesome mod

Oh how I wish there was a version of this with just the monsters, i'd never use another monster replacer again.

This is a lot of fun. Sloppy, zany fun.
It's dumbfounding that this got a worst wad cacoward...unlike a golden caco winner like Lilith AeOD is both playable and enjoyable.

The best and biggest weapon mod for doom ever existed!!! Combine with lots of inventory and spells and extra enemies options from all ID Software games.

This mod adds so much more replayablity to Doom! You can now fight a weird assortmant army of characters from tons of different games and start with erratic weapons. One minute, you're fighting against Metrocops and Black Mesa Security Guards from the Half-Life universe, the next, you could be fighting creatures from Hexen, Quake, and even Heretic!

The pure randomness of this gameplay wad is what makes this a blast to play. Most times, anyway. Sometimes the randomness causes you constant death, which is always the downside of mods like this. If you go into AEoD with a mindset of you not caring about winning or losing, you can get addicted to it. Don't play it to try to win; just try to have fun, and you'll enjoy yourself.


Ever wanted more replayability for DOOM? Look no further than this mod! Take on a bizarre mish-mash army consisting of characters from multiple games and start with random weapons. It's not uncommon to find yourself fighting against Metrocops and Black Mesa security guards from the HL universe who are seen among creatures from Hexen, Quake, and Heretic


This is a huge modification for Doom and Doom 2 which contains a ton of features. It randomizes the monsters you fight and the weapons you get for every wad level that you start it with. The weapons and enemies it contains are taken from many classic fps'es like Blood, Duke Nukem 3D, Heretic and many others. The monsters' behaviour is not very optimized for Doom's gameplay but spices up the level you play, adding a lot of diversity. Most weapons have alternative fire which also is a great feature. As I wrote earlier tere are a tons of features that you will have to discover for yourself. Overall a great mod and I can only imagine the work that was put into it over the years.

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