This game, based on the graphic engine of arch-known DOOM, gives us an opportunity to experience in the first person as Dwayne Hicks, the rescue mission of settlers from Hadley's Hope as occurred in the film by James Cameron: Aliens return. The game, for the moment consists of only a demo with a couple of detailed and claustrofóbicas missions (LV-426 and Defence Orbital) that give us a few hours of game packed with action and suspense worthy of the movies. While the game is inspired by the films also will provide missions beyond them, a dash worthy of such fame but hopefully you will enjoy it. This was created by Oriol Comerma (Deimos Anomaly).

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zivs says

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Would give 10/10, but it seems quite impossible to finish the game without iddqd'ing from time to time.

I really like the atmosphere and sounds being taken from Aliens vs Predator (oh, the memories!) game - gives definitely more surprise heart attacks than any Alien game played before. Here's just way too easy to die if you are careless and have no strategy.

Didn't see any major glitches or bugs or whatever, what could drag my rating down (well, besides the fact it's way too difficult on any difficulty level).

I hope to see more coming from ACM of yours!

Impressive effort, and one that would warrant 10 out of 10 if not for some gameplay issues.
Anyway, it is important to know that this TC is neither a demake nor in any way connected to Gearbox's infamous FPS, nor it plays anything like classic Alien Trilogy (from which it borrows sprites) or old AvP games (from which it borrows many a texture). It is very much its own game, but one that will be enjoyed by fans of (good) Alien movies and (good) Alien games. Out of four levels, three are sprawling and huge, and final level is a boss fight arena of sorts. So, despite low map count, this TC will take some time complete. As for the visuals: detailing lightning, architecture and overall polish are simply stellar as far as Doom mods go.

As for the gameplay issues, one of the big ones, and also the one that might cause frustration and annoyance for many players, is that aliens in pretty much every map are infinitely spawning. This increases tension and has player feeling truly overwhelmed, but it also damages exploration (since you are basically on invisible time limit) and will cause frustration or even lead the players in situation where they are forced either to cheat in order to move past the overwhelming number of xenos, or to restart map altogether.

The graphics, sound design, enemies and weapons are all top notch. Mercilessly difficult. Fantastic WAD overall.


haywan says

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This is fantastic, must play for any fan of AvP and Alien Trilogy. Great atmosphere, great graphics (some of the best and most extensive use of 3D geometry I saw in a GZdoom mod), and gameplay that is hard as hell at times. All props to the author, I grew up with Alien Trilogy on PSX and this TC felt like home (really creepy and deadly one).

Very good mod...
A little too short and not enough Health
Other than that....good job


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