Abysm: Dawn of Innocence is an action adventure GZDoom TC for Doom2 inspired by medieval themed games such as Diablo, Dark Souls, and Hexen. the mod features A Hub level progression where you complete quests while slaughtering demons along the way with various Medieval weapons and Spells. The Kingdom of Astrea is invaded by Demonic Invaders from Hell, It is your job as a soldier of Sunlight to banish these creatures recapture the Sunlight Monastery and save the kingdom.

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Overall a very impressive mod for Doom 2! I'm about two hours into this one so far, but here is my review as of now:

+Great weapon and item selection
+Great use of scripting

=Hub world sections outside of towns are VERY large and feel like monster dumps. These areas could be shrunk down a bit and use less monsters, but maybe this is what you are aiming for.

-Lack of monster diversity. Too many imps within the first half hour!




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Very nice mod! It would not hurt to add music for this mod. The mod is very atmospheric. The mod itself in the fantasy genre, in short, I advise everyone to download!

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