A full scale submod for Absolute Corruption 2.4 that enhances the original with improved AI, better models and graphics, UGC compatibility, and more features and content. You MUST have Absolute Corruption Mod 2.4 installed (and preferably backed up) before installing this add-on. I will be listening to feedback and making adjustments.

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Awesome add-on to an awesome mod. There are a lot of canon mods out there, however ACM adds more fun to the game. And this add-on makes sure that the fun factor is constantly tweaked to perfection.


I’ve been playing this mod for a while now, since some of the older versions. I was, first of all intrigued and happy for the unique things that had been implemented into the game, such as new units and ideas. I am excited and glad to see that this mod has continued to grow and develop into the latest version 2.0 and continues to adapt. As of now in the 2.0 version it has added new features like special constructions which helps give a more immersive/realistic feel to the game, but mostly to give you bonuses or help build unique units. The amount of new units is insane and much appreciated, as there are lots of different droids to choose from. You can command armies of mandalorians and their unique ships. If you prefer the Empire, then there is a tons of unique Star Destroyers to choose from all with their useful abilities. (kuat is your best friend if you are the Empire.) As for the rebels you can have various ships like cruisers and fighters, which in turn help screen against the Star Destroyers. Don't worry the Rebels have big ships too, to help prevent from feeling like the small fish in the sea. (Mon Calamari is your best friend if you are the Rebels.) One of my favorite parts of the game are the newly added heroes like Captain Jarid Sikes (ZC), Admiral Raddus (Rebel), and Admiral Pellaeon (Empire) and much much more but I will leave you to find that out. To be honest Pellaeon is my favorite Imperial hero maybe because I just love his ships and the style of design. Speaking of design the graphics are a lot better than the vanilla graphics. The shading, lighting and detail are amazing, though if you want the best quality of graphics for the game steam have helped enhance the quality.

Overall I am very pleased that this mod exists and continues to impress me with its wide variety of units, building, ideas, and finally its willingness to improve to bring more joy to the community. I would like to thank everyone for contributing to this project and thank Killdivas for the determination and bringing some of the best of Star Wars to our games.

As a side note I have joined the discord group and find that joining the discord group is great to help give opinions and help discover bugs that need fixing. It’s always great to work together and have fun in something we all enjoy!


Kdh1 says

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Very good mod. Ai is aggressive and actually keeps you on your feet. The enemy utilises all of its hero's and will take advantage of anything you you miss or fail to defend. Had an issue at first getting the mod to start but got round that (see comments 02may18). Very good job.


jojobe says

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excellent mod! the only thing that sorta glaring is balancing of fighters which was left over from 2.4


Seion says

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Helpful mod adding more quality to ACM, quality is always a good thing.


Very nice. Please keep up the good work!

Absolute Awesome Mod!

It's great but NEED's more work in it.


I've been a huge EAW fan since the game first came out... but there were always little things that bugged me about the game... mainly the resource management and lack of variety and true scale.

Well, this mod fixes all those issues and improves on thousands more, not to mention that the devs are super quick to update and fix issues.

This is the most complete EAW mod out there right now. While the Empire at War Remake is beautiful, it only addresses the space battles, does very little to enhance the galaxy map, and still uses the old "you have to build a gazillion mining colonies to get money" resource method of the original.

This mod overhauls the galactic map, the land maps, the planet abilities, adds tons of variety, and tons more things I can't remember.

The only thing that I'd love for them to provide is a list of all the new and different things from the Vanilla Forces of Corruption to Absolute Chaos. But other than that... no complaints. This is the game EAW should have been from the beginning.

Well done!


A few years back searching for Empire at War mods that added lots of content, I found ACM, which I found to be enjoyable, but also quite buggy, how excited I was hearing about this new mod! Not only making the game playable for me, but adding so much more! Not only are there interesting (and so many!) lore hero's, but so many new planets and units from the Star Wars world, carefully created, placed and integrated into the game, making the Galactic Conquest seem more of a grand campaign!

To me this mod focuses on the most interesting era, there are a wide verity of technologies and some awesome surprises to be found here, the game play in Galactic Conquest is fast paced with a fine balance on managing your worlds, income, armies and navy. Every other planet (there's 140!) Has some new technology to be found, new and improved maps, and unique hero's to be found too. I never liked playing the original game (as Empire) with Zann as an A.I, I never liked the faction, and found them annoying and OP, but now they are superb! Interesting and a challenge still, but very unique. If you liked the original game, and ACM... You are going LOVE this. RIP social life!

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Awesome add-on to an awesome mod. There are a lot of canon mods out there, however ACM adds more fun to the game. And this add-on makes sure that the fun factor is constantly tweaked to perfection.

Oct 23 2015 by pogimode