" The Story". Ok, It's Christmas eve and You Need some egg nog.. Well, Might as well get Uncle Dave's present form the Gost town while your out! Hmm, Should Try To stop and see if I can find something to smoke Too. Wonder if I can get gift ideas from some dead body today? Uncle Dave Got to croak soon so what the hell do ya get him? Oh Shit!! I forgot You need to go by the bank!! Uncle Dave's present what buy its self I sure hope there isnt any picket lines at the store again... Fuckin assholes ruined my shirt!!!!! so what ya think about the plot? "This is the basic story line, in the final product will be more long and detailed" Features: -A new huge city to explore in the classic Postal 2 style -Mission in postal 2 style -New pawns and characters -tons of new static meshes, sounds, music and textures -the classic P. Dude with new voice line by Rick Hunter (the original P. Dude voice actor) -and much more... Here some little video preview: For more information...

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ah christmas...the greatest time of the year

and what better way to enjoy it then to go postal?

This mod gives us some pretty good ideas and a humorous look at christmas in the eyes of a psycho social [postal] dude

won't load..even with no bystanders


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