CONTEXT - Ilav Dralgoner, one of the Provosts of the Nine Divines, disillusioned and traumatized after the first destructive wave of invasion in Kvatch, is stuck in complete delusion and cannot cope with reality anymore. Titus Cubitus will contact you in this regard...

GOAL and goodies:
* Access to all Chapels assets.
* Archine Cuirass and Sword, given by Ilav Dralgoner. Use them to lift the siege of Kvatch and secure the city. You could find some other time to seek for Titus, when you'll be in the IC.
* Pawn Shop - Titus trades potions, armors, books, magic items and spells. He has a very small amount of unique items, and he's not cheap. He offers a little more upon quest completion. His barter is 2500. His inventory will not respawn, and will be different regarding whether the quest has been completed or not, on purpose: whatever you sell him will be available whenever you need it back. So if you need cash, just sell him something valuable that you can buy back later, like a Pawn Shop! ;-)
* The Archine Cupboard and its key at the All Saints Inn (no respawn). This new container will be yours, safely locking your precious stuff from others. It shows a visual cue about whether or not it contains an Archine gear.
* The Arch Stone of Rejuvenation, on top of the the Archine Cupboard. When used it becomes inactive for 3 days, after which you can use it again. It affects an area of 200 units with restoration powers: agility 100, endurance 100, intelligence 100, luck 100, personality 100, speed 100, strength 100, willpower 100, fatigue 1000, health 1000, magicka 1000.
* Archine gauntlets and boots in the Archine's Cupboard.
* Light Archine Cuirass, Archine greaves, Provost Cuirass, Crusader boots, crusader greaves and crusader gauntlets. Boots, gauntlets and greaves are vanilla objects, of which attributes and enchantments have been modified.

NOTE - This mod is an introduction to a larger mod, "Caves of Marvels" (WIP), where I experiment with dialogs and mesh texturing/mapping. A complete new set of surcoats and cuirass, each having their own Heraldic shield emblems corresponding to a rank in the Provosts Faction, is featured in its parent mod.

REQUIREMENTS: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, all versions from vanilla to 1.2.0416. The official patch v1.1 should be installed, otherwise the game will crash from time to time - which was a game engine bug, nothing to do with any mod.

NEW INSTALL: Download this mod (apx. 10.6 Mb). Then extract all the files to your Oblivion\Data folder, and answer yes if it asks you to overwrite. Then activate AProvostOfTheNineDivines.esp either via OBMM or the Oblivion Launcher's "Data Files" option, and play a new game or any saved game.

GAME CONFIGURATION: All voice files pertaining to this mod are silent audio files, you'll need dialog subtitles turned on so as to read conversations.


1. Deactivate your currently installed version of AProvostOfTheNineDivines.esp.
2. Delete the file AProvostOfTheNineDivines.esp from the Data folder.
3. From Oblivion's Data folder tree, delete all instances of folders named "HawkFest", "AProvostOfTheNineDivines" and "AProvostOfTheNineDivines.esp" (including their subfolders and files).

Mod startup - The mod starts right after offering your help to Savlian Matius at the main gate of Kvatch, for breaking the siege. The PC will be directed to speak to Ilav Dralgoner, and it is advised to do so before entering the Oblivion Gate... If the main quest, or lifting the siege of Kvatch, have already been accomplished, the mod will start upon any saved game load up.

The Quest - There's only one and very simple quest. It requires you to travel once between Kvatch and the IC. The PC will gain other privileges apart from the ability to use chapels as homes, and Titus's merchant inventory will be enhanced. Also, from then on the PC will have the possibility to explore the NineDivines faction dialogs (whenever he/she wears the correct gear).

Background - The quest consists of extensive dialogs, especially with Titus Cubitus. The unfolded storyline is actually a small piece of my largest mod's Lore, Caves of Marvels, in which Titus and Ilav have a part.


* Titus is a Master trainer in Restoration
* Titus can trade potions, armors, books, magic items and spells. He sells a small amount of unique items, hence he's not cheap. He offers more items for sale upon quest completion. His barter gold is 2500.
* Titus can recharge your enchanted weapons (but he has no armorer skill).
* Titus is fixed at level 15 but is challenging. If you attack him, be prepared for a hard fight...


* One must be in the NineDivines faction to use every Chapels assets. However, some quests take place in Chapels, so I wanted this ability to be "on demand": equipping the Surcoat given by Titus puts your character in the NineDivines faction, rank 2. Unequipping it removes your character from the NineDivines faction. If you're not in any chapel, or undergoing a quest involving Chapels, it is advised *not* to equip the Surcoat, just to insure the main quest's immersion as originally planned... Anyhow, having full access to Chapels should not "break" anything.
* Any new mod adding a chapel to the game will have it automatically available to the player, if such a Chapel has been marked as owned by the NineDivines faction, as it should be.

This modifies Ilav Dralgoner's AI Package (the priest on the road up to Kvatch), so it will conflict with any mod that have edited Ilav Dralgoner's AI Package. Mainly two mods: Kvatch Aftermath and Kvatch Rebuilt. No issues have been reported from testing with Kvatch Rebuilt. However, if you are using the other mod "Kvatch Aftermath", you may encounter problems if you activate this mod during KA's quests.

SOLUTIONS with Kvatch Aftermath (KA):

1. If KA is already active, activate this mod, load your game and then wait 3 days (Oblivion time of course..) before approaching Kvatch viscinity, thus making sure that the game engine has reset evrything as well as NPC's AI
2. Play this mod either before KA, either after KA's completion. Since KA is not available to the public (versions from 6.8+), I could not test much so as to come up with a 100%-proof solution.

Compatible with other mods, even those taking place at the All Saints Inn tavern where Titus Cubitus is wandering (eg. companion Rhianna), unless the whole cell has been replaced by another mod. The Arena poster in the Inn has been replaced by a custom scripted "clone" (a new base ID).

However I can't guarantee a 100% compatibility with all mods: any other modification to chapels ownership from NineDivines faction will render the Surcoat of Devotion useless (it will still have its enchantments though), but I didn't find one that does this yet - no wonder, since it would break too many things in the game. Hence, I can assert that there are no problems, and the mod is clean. Please report any odd thing.

* Jimfich who have kindly offered the idea and the base textures for the new set of surcoat/armor;
* HawkFest (me) - Scripting, lore, nomal map texturing and mesh mod (Sucoats and cuirass), everything else than what follows:

Outsourcing Credits:
* Thanks to Daveoten for his original fanfiction text "The Order of the Scarab", which inspired a part of my own storyline for this mod and for the Caves of Marvels (WIP).
* Thanks to jcd13 for his marble pedestal mesh + texture.
* Thanks to whoever made the Templar Sword and the Mage Blade, as I can't get a grip on the original file to accurately credit its creator(s), nor can find these anywhere. Please PM me if you are that creator, or if you know who he/she is.
* Thanks to other modders who are kindly answering to questions on Bethesda's CS forum, especially Haama, WilliamSea, TalkieToaster, DragoonWraith, JDFan, SaidenStorm, who have been of much help with my learning curve with some valuable scripting tips.
* Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
* Thanks to Mom and Dad for having the muse of a natural and powerful urge of creativity on that day...
* Thanks to the neighbor for last night's BBQ

This mod will not blow up your computer nor destroy your hard drive nor hook itself to any of Microsstuff's intrusive personal computer and information gathering strategic control freaking info whike opening doors to malevolent and unattended hacks... if this mod is present when such horrors occur, then I am sorry as it is purely coincidental, and I take no responsibility for it whatsoever.

Since the sets are not yet finished, you cannot use any surcoat nor cuirass in your own mod: these sets will have their textures, maps & meshes modified, and they'll all be integrated into its parent mod currently Caves of Marvels (WIP). The same goes for the storyline, which is a glimpse over a complete lore for Caves of Marvels.

If you want to reuse any script, just give me credit. You can also reuse any of other objects, textures or scripts than above-mentioned from this mod, as long as you give credit where it is due.

You can convert it to another language, but you must translate this readme file accordingly (or leave "as is"), keeping all due credits.

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First off: set the difficulty level halfway on the gauge (Options), at least to the third else it'll be too easy, as is the Vanilla game - if you find this too hard or are tired of fighting your way through, just lower the difficulty level during the game.

Two contexts for starting up the TEST MOD:

  1. With a new character (more fun): the mod starts right after Uriel's assassination.
  2. With a current game/character: the mod strats when loading the saved game.
  3. In both cases, a new quest dialog will show up and and will tell you what to do...

Everything in this TEST MOD takes place around the Waterfront District: there's a cavern, where almost all scripted objects are deployed for testing. Most of them will later on get scattered in different locations of the final mod. As such the goal is to test these objects as well as the quest until the PC gets ownership of the caves: is it too hard? Are there glitches or bugs? ...?

The player must conquer the caves: when the player becomes the owner (a deed to be found on the main desk area), the cavern is much different from what the player could see while fighting for his life: there's a way to ACTIVATE that cave...

If the difficulty level is set as above-mentioned, then having a companinon is a big plus, even a "must have", however it's still feasible alone: be patient and use some strategy; don't hesitate to go back! Take the time to loot any container you can encounter on the way through, this will greatly help... ;-)

MANY objects are SCRIPTED, almost all of them except a table, a chair an ingredients. There's lots of coding, but it's optimized. However, please tell me if the game lags too much, I can't know about this since I am using a high-end computer (however I began scripting this mod on a low-end machine without too much lags so it should be ok)...

You'll discover MANY NEW GYZMOS HAVING NEW OR ENHANCED FUNCTIONALITIES FROM WHAT CAN BE GOTTEN IN OTHER MODS, touch/activate everything and discover, there's even a special "Shadowbanish Mill├ęsime" to be tried near the kitchen area...

Book stories ARE NOT included yet, some are still under writing since they explain the Lore itself. There's one book I've left near the main bed that's written in french and which is completely absurd (I was pleasing my buddy's little 8 year old girl named Camille, they were passing by at my office on that day).. However they're all "functional".

Star Rifter Network - You'll know what to do, loot and look around. A book was left on the secretary near the main guardian desk, it teaches a teleport spell to the caves, serving as a last recourse during the development phase. Same thing for the 7 rifter pads, each one of them can be summoned with its own spell: if you take a pad from the magic drawer, the spell is automatically added to your spell list; if you put ot back in the drawer, the spell is automatically removed.

A new NPC: Denis Foyatiers, Imperial Scuplptor. He's one of the main character of this mod, along with the "Tom Bombadil-alike" NPC and Titus Cubitus (from POTND). His role is central, he will help the player throughout the game and will even offer his companionship in due time. The player will discover that he actually is Martin's half-brother...

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A Provost of the Nine Divines

A Provost of the Nine Divines

Full Version

A small quest that will give your character a new set of Crusader Surcoats and Cuirass. One of the surcoats will allow your PC to use Chapels, their containers...


this mod looked cool but my game keeps crashing when i try to talk to the guy at Kvatch!!!!

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HawkFest Creator

Note: A year later but better later then never... As a reminder..

Which guy? If it is Ilav Dralgoner, then you must have another mod conflicting with this one over Ilav's AI package and dialog records. If it is with Captain Savlian Matius at the main gate of Kvatch, same thing. As mentioned in the description, any other mod changing one of these two NPCs will conflict, and thus have a potential of crashing the game (which is your case). There's a work-around in the description for compatibility with the mod "Kvatch AfterMath", and you can follow the main ideas under "Compatibility" section of the description. Sorry for the inconvenience, but unfortunately I can't do much more about this ineluctable issue.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
HawkFest Creator

Hi Yaksha, then I guess that your problem was NOT related to this mod, at the very most it's a case of 2 or more mods conflicting between each others: solely telling that your game crashes does NOT help me at all for resolving the "glitch" you're talking about, since what you've described NEVER happened to anyone else playing the mod...

So please, try this and then get back here if you still encounter your "glitch":

1- disable all mods except UOP and/or DLCs and this mod

2- start a new game

3- if all runs ok, then my mod has nothing to do with your "glitch"; if not, disable my mod and try again with the same "slimmed down" mod list. For this later case, I'd bet that it wouldn't work either, because I'm sure that my mod is "CTD free" when taking the mod's description into account: conflicts could happen with mods targeting the Kvatch area, but these have been addressed, please READ THE DESCRIPTION.

Personally, I'm currently using 130 mods activated at the same time with this mod without any problem, including Francesco, realistic economy, CUO, etc.. - the only glitch that one can experience is by dropping a surcoat like the Honoris one on the ground, try it and you'll see what I mean. However, this does NOT provoke any CTD/crash: until I make the correction all you'd have to do is to take the dropped guyzmo into your inventory or leave it into some container (I have a little problem with the ground mesh, it's weird...).


Reply Good karma+1 vote

damn damn damn didn't fix it

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

never mind fixed it lol

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm getting this glitch ware when I'm in game the game crashes when i try and load a saved game when i die or just wanna play my other character anyone no what could be doing it and or how to fix it?

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