What if Trotsky led the Soviet Union before the 1929 crisis?

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The scenario of A Post-Trotsky World begins in 1924 when Trotsky manages to oust Stalin from power. Trotsky thus takes the head of the USSR by democratizing it but becoming more expansionist because of the ideology of permanent revolution of its leader. When the crisis of 1929 occurs, Trotsky jumps on the occasion to put in place his ideas propagating the proud red throughout Europe.

1929-31: European Communist Civil War.

1931-32: The main affected countries meet to adopt a tactic against the Soviet Union of Trotsky.

1932-36: France, the United Kingdom and the German Reich of the new Chancellor Adolf Hitler declare war on the Soviet Union for violating the freedom of peoples.

1929 in Yugoslavia:

The Communists are attempting a coup against the Regent's recent full powers and the dissolution of the assembly. With the help of the Soviet Union, he starts a civil war. The regent then asks the Ustachis to help him against a certain autonomy. Italy seized the opportunity to annex Croatian coasts in line with support for Croatian independence. As the communists begin to weaken, Croatia declares itself independent and Italy forces the regent to accept. At the same time, Hungary will take the opportunity to recover Novi Sad.

1929 in Greece:

Because of the unrelenting struggles in Greece, the Communists managed to find a place in public opinion thanks to the Soviet Union. The Venizelos government, which is undertaking agrarian reforms and a policy of external reconciliation with Italy, Yugoslavia and Turkey, is criticized by conservatives and monarchists. He is accused of sympathizing with socialists and communists, who are taking more and more space in the government. A last coup will be organized by the monarchists but the Republicans will try to prevent them. The Communists will come into play and declare the total civil war against the enemies of the Republic. But Italy quickly sent troops to contain the revolution, as everywhere in the Balkans. After that, a fascist Italian and German inspired government will emerge, though very unstable.

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A Post-Trotsky World : Alpha 0.1 - Civil War

A Post-Trotsky World : Alpha 0.1 - Civil War

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The first Alpha of A Post-Trotsky World, Civil War.

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Cool project

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