A Corny Voyage is a no-gravity racing game. Rush through the levels in an ever escalating speed, using only your mouse to avoid the unforeseen. Explore a fantastic, frantic and dreamlike world on an adventure towards the light. A Corny Voyage is a game made by 10 students at DADIU in march 2008. The game was completed in only one month and is build on the Half-Life 2 engine - Source - which means that Half-Life 2 is required to play it.

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wow im tripin

Nobody put the review? Wait, what? This is a story about corn kernel in intestine? Now I know why...

Quite literaly holy ****...

A corny, gross joke disguised as a game.

I loved it, and it's short enough of a download that I think you'll love it too, regardless of whether you have the guts to push through to the end.


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Short, but enjoyable.

Spoiler It's time score only. Also, this mod is only a few minutes long, yet still highly playable and quite addictive.


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