A Bridge Too Far mod for CCLSA is the last recreation from the old CC2 on CCLSA. The main feature is a smaller strategic map with only 32 maps. Because CCLSA is the CC2 reedition, there is not need from replace battlegroups, units and more. Other changes with the original game are only 3 turns, on at night, the battlegroups have not limits with the number of teams deployed on a battle. Now the strategic map is more linear and you can center all your atention on the bridges ignoring all the other maps around them from the original game.

Report RSS Probably the future from many EAW/FOC mods

EAW/FOC is probably the unique game which it can be edited mostly and the unique where you can play a galaxy map, tactical at space and ground. By this reasons most of us probably edit it, I do not think that we edited the game because it is game from Star Wars universe. Unfortunately, it has some big bugs, the biggest, the bug where you lose the control from your units after some time playing. By this reason I and probably more people, we are searching new games for our mods.

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Here you can know about the better incoming options for this year or at least non too far in the future:

Vol`Talkes is probably the most promising. It is a game at development thanks to one deal from RazielKanos and his team with Petroglyph for create their own game with the Glyph Engine. It will be a game very similar to EAW and friendly for modding because it will be one of their main objectives, a game where the EAW community can import all their mods.

You can read here the description from RazielKanos.

RazielKanos wrote:
Greetings guys!

My name is Chris, some of you may remember me from the Steiner Modding Group

A handful of people from different modding groups came together to get Empire at War to the next level.

Right now we are working on Empire at War 2 - well not literally - but we have a deal with Petroglyph that we may use the Glyph Engine to create our own game. No, it will not be a Star Wars game - the story takes part in our own universe, but since we all come from the modding scene we're going to put a huge priority on creating a very modding friendly game.

We hope you guys will help us to make this game happen, tell us YOUR most annoying things in EaW/FoC so we can try to iron that stuff out. So far wet added some basic modding tools directly into the game. The gam will convert your graphics into DDS files, it will create your textfiles out of a simple txt file and we have a ALO converter for the latest version of 3D Max (2013) and plan (after release) also to try to get something for blender too. Thats unfortunately quite tricky since blender doesn't really read the DirectX shaders, so this will take a bit more time...

We currently are in need of a person that can create our models and pout textures on them, since our guy we had in the team isn't able to do that any longer for us

So if you're interested to see your work in a real game, let me know. You also get a share from the profit the game will make, so no need to work for nuts and glory only
If interested please send me a message at art.stuff@hyperdrive-games.com

We also need you help on facebook to get more likes! feel free to tell your teams and friends about our game, the more people we reach the easier we will be able to rise money to finish the game


Last but not least let me show you our feature list for this game

Gameplay Features

• more than 40 different units
• hardpoint-based strike options guarantee deep tactical gameplay
• no simple paper-scissor-stone mechanics
• intense and long battles with hundrets of units under your command
• plan your attacks in a huge galactic scale on long term objectives
• 2 different game layers in real time - a strategic galaxy map and tactical battle enviroments
• 5 different fractions
• 2 playable fractions

Singleplayer Features

• singleplayer campaign with 60-80 hours of gameplay
• open world (galaxy) gameplay
• player decisions have an huge impact on story development and unlock different units and allies
• many different side missions, that want to be found and mastered
• different strategic and tactical options guarantee gameplay rich in variety
• tactical use of Power-Ups
• long lasting support after launch with new maps, missions and units

Multiplayer Features

• Units unlock after progress in singleplayer campaign
• Unlock of powerful hero units
• 2 playable fractions
• different tech-trees
• hardcore hero units (they die once, they're gone)
• tactical buffs and debuffs
• buff crafting system
• huge shipyards develop new units and heroes
• coop multiplayer with 4 players vs 4 NPC's
• up to 4 vs 4 player battles

Glyph is the graphics engine from alamo made by Petroglyph and it is probably 100% compatible with EAW/FOC. They have a 3Dmax 2013 export plugin and with it, import models from EAW/FOC to this Glyph engine can be easier. Of course we will need to make again the space/ground maps and more but it is probably the best option.

The unique bad point, it can be how the game will run at directx 9 but I do not see it as a bad point. Probably it is better for the type of machines that all we run and for import the EAW/FOC stuff from our mods.

RazielKanos has announced the price from the game at 25€ for the standart edition and 35€ for the deluxe edition.

Now we do not know a release date but I hope that it will not be too far in the future. At least we can think how all our EAW/FOC will not die here and it will have a very fun future for all us.

When I started this news, I spoke about more options, yes, there will be more options. The second will be the next game from Petroglyph, it is named Grey Goo and it will be sell by a new and unknow company named Greybox Greybox.com

Grey Goo will be a RTS very similar at concept to the old C&C games but because it is developed by Petroglyph, we can think how the game will be able edited.

I can imagine that it will remember a lot to Universe at War because it will be centered at one planet.

The game will be released this year at Steam. You can see some screenshots here and more at this site. Greybox.com

Personally, it looks very good but we do not know if it has strategic map and we are very close to know how it has not space battles or something similar. Of course it can be good for a type of mod as my last Universe at War mod.

Well, these are by the moment the best options. Probably there will be more, I know about one 4X RTS game which it looks very good but I do not know if it will be able edited. It is named Novus Aeterno, you can check it at kickstarter Kickstarter.com

Another game which I follow very close because probably I will edit it, it will be the next Close Combat The Bloody First Matrixgames.com . It will be a new title from this old saga but set at 3D with a new engine made under Unity3D engine. We do not know too much about it but we know how it will be able edit mostly and it will be similar to the other Close Combat games but at 3D. Other features will be these:

-There will be a scenario editor with an integrated map editor. Typical Map sizes will be comparable to the existing game.

-It will add a destructible environment, not at 100% but similar or bigger than other CC games.

-As other CC games, the multiplayer will be 1 vs 1.

-There will not be strategic map but you will be able choose your troops.

-The Bloody First is the US 1st Division who fought through Tunisia, Sicily and Normandy. You will be able to play through all three campaigns. Another huge difference will be this campaign mode, it will be more CC3 style than CC5.

As you can see it will be a wargame at 3D and real time. I like a lot this games and I made before several mods for them, even one Star Wars mod for Close Combat V. Now if they make a new version and at 3D, perhaps I make similar mods, even one from Star Wars, there are many things from this type of games that you can not see at other games.

Well, I recomend you check this games at specially vote as "I like" at facebook for Vol`Talkes Facebook.com , it will help them a lot.

About me, by the moment I will continue editing the mods that I have but the first time that I can move my ass to another game joining the features from EAW, I will move my Alliance mod to it at 100% and I will forget EAW forever. Have fun.


Good info. Thanks for informing.

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Seriously you need to stop posting non mod related topics on this mod.

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Nomada_Firefox Author

Who tells it? there is not nothing stopping me from it and I remember you how there are mods from other games at other games.

In fact I published this interesting information at all my moddb sections.

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If this is true, this is the biggest news in the EAW community, and has every right to be posted on all EAW moddb mods news sections.

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Nomada_Firefox Author

In fact I published it at least 8 sections from moddb, by the moment it is the amount of mods published by me here but I have made a lot more for other games.

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Agreed in every single point. The games mentioned above are not only some serious hope for the RTS-genre which sadly doesn't seem to have a new renaissance but those are games with impressing new features and functions, graphics and great ideas, capturing the core elements from our beloved strategy games which made them timeless and great until today, giving them a new form. These news are well worth mentioning and I really can't wait to play all of them. I hope I may add another seriously impressive candidate up for this: Universum: War Front (http://universumwar.com/ and Kickstarter.com)
I think it has very interesting gameplay elements and the graphics are similar to the ones seen on the Grey Goo screenshots. So, now let's see what the future will bring us with those games.

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Nomada_Firefox Author

Universum: War Front looks very good but I do not like too much the idea from kickstarter, it is as a bad joke, it is a swindle.

Grey Goo or Bloody First, they are games which they will be released this year at 100% and they will not request more money from the people. From Vol`Takes we do not know the release date but at least they do not request money.

At the end, the main problem from kickstarter is how you do not know if a proyect will be finished.

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Yeah, you're absolutely right on this. We don't know. Nonetheless I doesn't look that bad so I thought it was well worth mentioning, at least in the comments. I'm as critical as you when it goes to kickstarter, you don't know if people are honest to you with their project or if they just want to grab the money out of you.

Besides that I think it's absolutely great that you post some promising upcoming RTS-games in here for those like me who search for RTS-games like listed above (plus a good sci-fi-scenario).

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It's there a Eclipse SSD? im looking for a unit list of something because I want to know what I haven't found. I already have almost all planets for the empire.

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