This is a small mod, that may serve as building block for others. If you have your own Freelancer mod, you are encouraged to include anything you like in it

Note: The new content is in german, if enough people are interested, I may release an english version as well.

This Mod adds:

  • 12 new playable ships
  • 4 new not playable ships
  • 1 new System and 8 new Stations
  • 26 new Weapons, 8 new missiles, 6 new shields and 4 new thrusters
  • 42 new ale effects and 9 new beam effects
  • 51 new sound effects
  • 2 new factions

Thanks go to:

  • The Starport Community for all their insights on how Freelancer works
  • Schmackbolzen and Skotty for their work on sur files
  • MIC for FLScanII
  • FriendlyFire and adoxa for all their tools
  • Treewyrm for his great tutorial on ale effects
  • Kuze for the Shione and the Greyhound
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Leuchtfeuer V1.2


This update sort of completes my Mod, as it corrects many shortcuts that were taken in the initial release. So lean back an enjoy the show.

Version 1.2, feature addition:

I recommend to backup your save data before installing, you have been warned!

+ Added Jam Faction
+ Added Jam Type I & II Fighters
+ Added Jam equipment, loadouts and new effects for the new stuff
* Replaced most of the nomads in the Leuchtfeuer system with Jam
* To improve the NPCs that use forward firing guns, Muzzle_Cone_Angle needed to be reduced
* Created a new model & cockpit & destructible parts for the Fand that replaces
the old one
+ The Fand may now be bought on planet Faery
* Increased the cruise speed of the Val Varo, Banshee and Drake through a second
engine. Sadly, existing player ships will actually be half as fast after the update.
You will have to buy the ships again to get this bonus!
* Improved the destructible parts on the Maeve
+ Added a cockpit for the Maeve
+ Added destructible parts to the Kyrios
* Many "under the hood" changes to the FAF and Celestial Being equipment.
* Weakened the Bordkanone a bit, as FAF NPCs felt too powerful now
+ Added the Vendetta as alternatve to the Bordkanone
* Decreased the price for the GN-Flak
* Fixed the broken mounts on the phobocaster and the executor
* Improved Graviton shield regeneration
+ Added weapon types to prototype Weapons
+ Added a new weapon type for Nomad weapons
* Improved most exhaust effects
* Improved the explosion effects on the new ships and weapons
+ Added new sound effects
* The Merkur is now available in three different variants, like in the original
* Increased the maneuverability of the Adler and the Drache
* Fixed the Sektorpatroullien, as they got indestructible by accident
* Some minor bugfixes and improvements
* The FAF should now show up correctly in the mission descriptions.
* Removed the Gaians from the Leuchtfeuer system and replaced them with the
Lane Hackers
* Improved the animations on female NPCs
+ Added new trade paths to the Leuchtfeuer system
+ Added new mission zones in the Leuchtfeuer system
- Removed buyable information in the Leuchtfeuer system that was copied from other bases
+ Added buyable information on the new wrecks and jump holes
+ NPCs use countermeasures now
* Reduced the amount of countermeasures NPCs carry
* Improved the countermeasures overall
* Modified the behaviour of most npcs in the Leuchtfeuer system
* Turned down player enemy clamp (NPCs don't priorize players as much when attacking)
* Severed the links between the ships health and its destructible parts on all ships,
with the exception of gunboats and bigger ships.
(Previously, if destructible parts and the ships root were inside the explosion
radius, e.g. of a missile, you actually recieved damage for every affected part,
often resulting in instant ship destruction)
* Because of the change above, which passively increased the HP of most ships,
npc armor scales were reduced in compensation.
* Increased the explosion resistance of all equipment
* Improved the mounting points of the Valkyrie
* Improved the Executor slightly
->updated the mod and the project files

V1.1 Update

V1.1 Update


I encountered some bugs while investigating the installation issues some were having.

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Leuchtfeuer V1.2

Leuchtfeuer V1.2

Full Version 1 comment

This update sort of completes my Mod, as it corrects many shortcuts that were taken in the initial release. So lean back an enjoy the show.

Leuchtfeuer project files V1 2

Leuchtfeuer project files V1 2


This file contains all source files for the Leuchtfeuer V1.2 mod. Feel free to use anything you like for your own mod.



Source Code

This file contains all source files for the Leuchtfeuer mod. Feel free to use anything you like for your own mod.

Leuchtfeuer V1.1

Leuchtfeuer V1.1


This mod is an addition to vanilla Freelancer. It rebalances a lot of the original content, but the campaign still remains playable. Follow the instructions...


Hi There to who ever the creator is This looks interresting do you have an English version or Plan on making One Would love too try it out Thanks :)

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cpt_Rei_Fukai Creator

Is that a request?

Thine will be done

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Yes please i would love to try out your mod and do you plan on expanding it at any point btw ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I have a problem:
When I launch freelancer with this mod installed (with FLMM 1.5 beta), it crashes while loading the main menu.
anyone knows why?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Cpt_Rei_Fukai Creator

So I investigated this week end and here are the results:
-I developed this mod on FLMM v1.5 beta 1 so I don't expect any issues from there
-It will crash at startup if you haven't installed the official Freelancer V1.1 Patch
-Maybe other mods interfere with my mod, thats just a guess though.

So to fix this try the following:
-deactivate the mod
-if you think you have got leftovers from other mods, clean them up or reinstall Freelancer
-make sure you have installed the official Freelancer V1.1 patch
-activate the mod again
-try playing, it should work now

Reply Good karma+1 vote

i have problems with this mod, then i launch game i get Server.dll problem, maybe couse FLMM1.5beta have problems?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Cpt_Rei_Fukai Creator

First of all sorry I took so long to reply, but I didn't expect any installation trouble.

Which is also why I don't know what you mean by server.dll problem, you will need to elaborate a bit.
Anyway, there are only two dlls that are essential for the mod; the leuchtfeuer.dll which contains all names and descriptions and the moors.dll which is needed for the corvette docking. The others only contain some aesthetic fixes and are not mandatory for the mod.

As for FLMM, I think I developed on 1.5 but I can't check that right now.

tl,dr: You can use the server.dll from Freelancer

Reply Good karma+1 vote

My message window shows error when launching leuchtfeuer mod,can you provide a guide or installation instruction,normally I unzipped all content to freelancer main directory and I also replaced data,ini...icons. Creator,if you perhaps know the solution,just write back,I still have interest into it,thank you.

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
Cpt_Rei_Fukai Creator

This mod is designed with the Freelancer Mod manager in mind. As such, it will not work if you just copy the new files to your freelancer directory. It will probably just crash at startup. Get the mod manager here ( and copy the Leuchtfeuer directory to the mods folder. Start the mod manager and you should be able to activate the mod.

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