7th Serpent is a third-person shooter modification for the Max Payne 2 game engine thrusting players into a world of corruption, secrecy and vengeance as they control Damon Pryce - the main character - who has been subjected to experimental testing and is left to his own devices in order to extract the truth from those who keep it from him.

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Possibly the biggest mod I've seen so far, it has new weapons, sounds, music, though it has reused skins but our protagonist looks new to me. It's got a decent story but we all know its a excuse to blow **** up :D
It really does look like a future with new models all over the place. Blade Runner-esque. We take on some commando's, then we take on the entire police force, and SWAT... and then military.
Its carnage we haven't seen before, and if that isn't enough we also take on heavy artillery.
Its action is constant and you can tell that alot of work went into its scripted sequences.

Great mod, tons of insane action, explosions, and a few new weapons in an excellent looking environment. My only complaint was the ludicrously annoying fight in the end with two helicopters coming at you back to back. They take INSANE amounts of bullets to drop and fire a never-ending stream of hard-to-dodge bullets and near impossible to dodge high-damage rockets. Almost no cover that isn't either potentially explosive or all that protective in this location, too. All of this made this firefight turn the game into an act of frustrating drudgery. Aside from that, fun to play through and recommended.


Almost all models and textures are new. A couple of the signs have some rather amusing text on them, and it pulls off the futuristic tone extremely well. The carnage is constant and always fresh, so download this now! It's only a few button clicks! Do it NOW! I COMMAND THEE!


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best mapping

Intense action and holding off hordes of police, SWAT and Soldiers was explosive and awesome!

Car's exploding, trains derailing, tanks and helicopters going up in flames, a bridge collapsing, a gas station going sky-high.

This short but very hard mod should not be forgotten! :D


This is just some hairy sheet.

Short and sweet action-mod, the bodies in this mod has racked up more airtime than most airforces.


this game runs on 100% liquid awesome. Will make you punch yourself in the face. just download it already.


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