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Twisted Insurrection

Mod review - 1 agree

Very nice and interesting though adds a bunch of redundant units to each faction.
It's a pity this is not made for RA2YR, it would have provided more/better modding possibilities.



Game review

Feels like the Bioshock series.



Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree - 10 disagree

Edit vote form 6 back to 1:

The "game" and its future updates were moved to require the cancer called "Steam" to get and to work.

I won't infect my PC with cancerous software.
Vote 6:
I have the Legendary disc edition, and I hate Steam. The launcher works only if the Steam client is installed too.

The story is interesting, but only for one play-through, or two at most. There are 2 partner possibilities each with their personal story (or none); and there are 2 main outcomes, both of which ends the game (even though one ending could allow for indefinite continuation in a npc-less world) .. which greatly limits the game's replayability to 2 or 3. Unfortunately, because after exploring the world and various locations, doing all the possible quests and collecting 100 magic symbols & more then 200 Ice Claw mushrooms, there is nothing else to do. Investing too much, more than necessary, in the character or the purchasable player homes is a waste too, because after the main quest is done the game just ends. This is not what I would call an open world game, more like a semi-open world. To be noted though, is that being semi-open doesn't make it a bad one.

Conversing with important, main story and partner story characters is more or less interesting too.

However others often seem to have their records stuck in the past or in the future with idle-lines that depending on events make absolutely no sense.

The environment looks really pretty all around, however 99% of stuff on shelves is just static decoration, so you feel lucky if you find something that you can actually pick up, which from a practical standpoint just clutters up precious system resources.

There are also several container types that look full to the brim even if they are "empty", eg. vegie racks.

The world is littered with invisible walls, that obviously are an attempt to COVER UP the myriad of INTENTIONALLY unfinished areas out of laziness. .. if you make an area and put decorative sections on it, then do it properly, otherwise just apply some generic textures on the area, that shouldn't be THAT time consuming.

Like in Ark, there is a towery building partially in a mountain, and if you try to hike it around, you can't because an invisible wall stops you, even though the terrain wouldn't, and if you clip through that, you can see the unfinished work done with floating and uncovered stuff. Nehrim was built WAY better! In a comparison, rating just this, Enderal gets 0 while Nehrim 100. That's how bad it is here.

When Skyrim's skill system was swapped out, certain important parts were not just forgotten about, like tempering items beyond Exquisite, not to mention the impossibility to temper any magical item, even now increasing the Handicraft skill (smithing for skyrim) beyond 50 is a waste of crafting skill points.

The enchanting and alchemy multipliers are so low, that even with max skills and all related perks, nothing the player makes will even come close to what can be found or bought. Even though it was stated and it is also advertised in one of the loading screens, that self made things are the best (with effort, as in with higher skills and related perks/talents).

The crafting system was swapped out too. Most equipment recipes are now accessible if the player has an item specific recipe item in its inventory, otherwise it won't even show up in the respective crafting station. It is a great idea, however not intuitive and unimmersive. It would have been much better if they could have been learned like spells or if they would have been just another ingredient, or if they could have been gathered in a book or something. but what we have now is just awful.

Shops outside of alchemicals and magical sellers are pretty useless when it comes to buying stuff, as in general equipment found is still always better than whatever the best shop has.

There are great equipment sets to be found, one supposedly to be self made. But for some reason the sets are not rare as one might think; throughout the game one can easily get at least 5 of each set, or more if just slaying around & exploring.

Certain sets seem different, however they are the same with the exact same enchantments and set bonuses but one has better stat values than the other.

Also, I have no idea what graphical elements they used, but even on low-medium settings the framerate is often worse than for skyrim on medium-high with enhancer mods that make stuff look better than stock enderal stuff. Performance wise it is worse than modded skyrim.

Over time it gets better (like my rating, first was 1), but some things remain.


Forged Alliance Enhanced Campaign AI

Mod review - 2 agree

Interesting additions and changes that make the campaign more fun and more varied. On every level some stages are harder to overcome while others are easier. Nice mod. :)


Rise of the Reds

Mod review

Ultimate Apocalypse Mod (DOW SS)

Mod review - 2 agree - 2 disagree

It is a very good mod.
But it pushes the system requirements way higher than what the base game needed for "the best experience".


Revamp Expansion Mod (RVE)

Mod review

Last time I voted 9 and now 10, because it finally starting to look like a revamp instead of just an asset expansion.

Though, I would really like if it would be compatible with the campaign, even if only the host-player could make use of the new things.

For example: I really like that part of SupCom-FA, because I can use the campaign_mod_enabler mod and the BlackOps pack or any other mod and even the campaign AIs will be able to make proper use of almost all added stuff.

If a compatibility like that could work with SupCom2 and the RVE and pillars mods too, that would be awesome.


C&C: Reloaded

Mod review

Ballistic Weapons

Mod review

Tiberium Essence

Mod review
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