C&C:Reloaded --> New YR mod that mixes the Tiberian Sun Universe with the Red alert 2 Universe in the same game (Requires RA2:Yuri's Revenge Expansion)... 2 New Sides... New Tecnologies... 3 Common Enemies: Soviet Union, Yuri & Kane but only one can dominate the World!!! Choose Your Destiny Commander: * Allies have Powerful High Tech Weapons & Units. * Soviet Union have Brute Force & enormous masses of troops at their disposal. * Global Defense Initiative have High Tech Units & Weapons. * Yuri can use their Psychic Weapons to perturbate enemy troops. * Brotherhood of Nod use advanced deadly Weapons based on Tiberium Technology. Yuri wants to dominate all the independent minds to enslave them under a single power and control... Kane... It will finish mutate the planet (The New fused World with the Allies & Soviets Reality) into the Tiberian world that he predicts like "the evolution"... Technology of the Peace... You must choose only 1 army... Only 1 can Dominate to...

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Tiberian sun combined with Yuri's Revenge. What more could you wish for?!

It does perfectly what is it supposed to do (mixing red alert 2 and tiberian sun races). Even if you only want to play with the tiberian sun races, I still recommend trying this mod for the new options of red alert 2 (choosing starting positions etc.) and the new maps. The new way of building turrets for GDI is also an improvement.

I would give this a 10 if the forgotten race is added.

Okay... played Reloaded for awhile. The only installed mod for the time being. It's pretty great, but there are quite some issues

1. Tiberian Sun Firepower > Red Alert 2 Firepower (AI Skirmish)

At first, I played as an Allied. It wasn't long before GDI rushes their robots at me. The robot is nothing... except the Juggernaut. Now artillery won't usually be a problem in Red Alert 2 since they can be shot down with ease with good defenses, but GDI's and NOD's artillery is bomb-based flawless projectiles. It's harder especially when there are so many. My allied AI which consists of Soviet and Yuri also gets a lot of trouble fending them off

Also... just played as Yuri. I witnessed my other Yuri allies getting r**ed by Mammoth Mk II, since it's mindcontrol-proof and can destroy targets with ease, be it infantries, vehicles or buildings (I want a commando like that.... RA2s are infantries and don't stand a chance :( ). Luckily I have extra MCVs that I can delay my doom, but the result was the same when they rushed their Mammoths at me, plus some disruptors. My Psychic Towers are almost useless... Also, in custom random map, NOD completely denies our docks every time we build one. And Jellyfishes are too hard to attack ground since they resubmerge as fast as light. Luckily it's team continent so I got less worry

2. Tiberian Sun AI > Red Alert 2 AI

In the last mentioned map, NOD expanded pretty far as far as almost touching my team's continent, with lots of Obelisks. Medium TS vs medium RA2 (+ Me) also favors TS.

Hopefully you will look upon this issue. I'm generally offline player, so... yeah.

PS : Where can I get the music addons?

This is one of the greatest mods(of this type) I have been graced to play, though NOD is missing the elite cadre and the toxin trooper. And GDI should have a build limit on the Mammoth mk 2.

Nice job making the Cyborg Reaper better then it originally was!

Please continue the great work.

This is my favourite mod, because it mixes my 2 favourite C&C games :-)

Great mod, red alert 2 vs C&C TS literally dont need any other mods :)



Combines all the good Westwood games into one.

Just about any westwood fans dream, being able to play all the 4(I consider Yuri as a sub-faction)faction of their greatest stratagy game of its time in one goal, hopefully by version 2 their will be some orginal missions that utillise all the factions

It simply brings back my Childhood memories!