Hey. Not a modder, just someone who enjoys playing mods a lot. I wouldn't mind getting involved in some projects though. I have a little formal training as a voice actor (8 week course with Jean Zarzour) and in screenwriting (1 semester apprenticeship). Also, I doubt anyone will need this but I can edit video fairly well. I have Final Cut on my computer, and I have made 3 short films and a web series already (check my website to see my work). If you have raw footage and want to make a trailer out of it, I'd be happy to help. I am currently signed on for voice work (and some video editing) with In Development, but I am always up for having my fingers in other pies!

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YEAH I KNOW THIS IS A STUPID IDEA but I wanted to do some more voice work, and I couldn't sleep. So I thought "What if Ellis from L4D2 was from Pittsburgh?" And then this happened. I was born in Pittsburgh and lived there for 18 of my 19 years, but my parents are originally from Upstate and central New York respectively, and they always kind of looked down on Pittsburghese so I kind of picked it up from my friends who, being suburban, didn't use it much. Combine that with a year away at college and very little practice and the accent I had been working on for acting purposes is now lost. However I still know many Pittsburghese words and a few key pronunciations (which I feel I over emphasize here) and I didn't want to wait so I gave this a try. I tried to help compensate by making cultural references to Pittsburgh; the dealership jingle, the Romero references, "dem' Stillers", Coach Cowher, and Three River Stadium. I like dialects and Pittsburghese has always been my favorite. I hope to revisit this in the future after I get back to Pittsburgh and hopefully by then I won't keep dropping into a Southern accent.

EDIT: Come to think of it, some people have said I do have some kind of accent... What do you guys think? Do I already have a Pixburgh accent and I just can't hear it because it's what I'm used to?

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