Hey. Not a modder, just someone who enjoys playing mods a lot. I wouldn't mind getting involved in some projects though. I have a little formal training as a voice actor (8 week course with Jean Zarzour) and in screenwriting (1 semester apprenticeship). Also, I doubt anyone will need this but I can edit video fairly well. I have Final Cut on my computer, and I have made 3 short films and a web series already (check my website to see my work). If you have raw footage and want to make a trailer out of it, I'd be happy to help. I am currently signed on for voice work (and some video editing) with In Development, but I am always up for having my fingers in other pies!

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Looking for voice work? (non-mod)

Yogthulhu Blog

Casting call! An old friend has put me in charge of assembling a cast for an audio preview of his debut novel. Full information can be found here: Tinyurl.com

(The word real is in the URL because I accidentally made the first version link to the wrong page)

And it turns out these posts have to be at least 300 characters long! And this isn't. How weird is that? Crazy.

I was on Podcast 17!

Yogthulhu Blog

So I finally called into Podcast 17! Big whoop right? Well kinda. I talked with the hosts about voice acting for mods, and then about video games as art. At the end, William put me on the spot and had me read some lines from Pulp Fiction (I don't know how I sounded yet, I have to wait for the recorded episode). I'm excited and embarrassed. When I turned the live stream back on though, I'm pretty sure I heard William say he'll be posting my Mod db page on the Podcast 17 site! Awesome! Hopefully I can get some more work. I just gotta keep practicing, and do so more regularly.

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