Heya, you can call me Wolf or Wulfee. I am a gamer-anime-er...-mod lover. I've almost played pretty much every game out there, from doom to disgaea d2 and i wont stop there. As for anime, i've watched a pretty good sum... i think. Anyway, sometimes i review games or post forums for mods and such, so if ya like you can read those. Sometimes i review new games and give em a butt kickin if they suck, afterwards i cry for the money wasted.. So welcome to my page and lets be great friends eh?

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So after i made my very first skin, the konata flavored bf 109, i've decided to try doing some more skinning. Not only is it fun, i get to fly anime around while shooting stuff. Plus, some of you guys might even enjoy it as well which is a huge plus for me. So I'd like to put it out that I'm always looking for suggestions and requests. Just drop by and pm me an I'll get to it eventually. But until then, my next big projects will center around Valkyria chronicles. The JU-87-G2 will be skinned after the Nameless squad of VC sporting a black and white colored camo pattern, and the DO-217-J2 will be featuring the imperial Selvaria Bles and their bulky might-ness. It's mostly German planes, and thats because i pretty much only play as the germans, but i'm planning to do something for the americans as well... heh


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If you're wondering why i am so happy/excited/supa charged! Thats because all the parts i ordered for a gaming comp is arrivin today!!! Talk about a gaming rig with led lights all around, and the processor cooler is friggin huge!!! But dats not all... BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!! I bought disgaea d2 and I AM LOVIN IT!!!! I'm also goin back to play some games i missed. Which are...

  • Pandora Tower-I haven't gotten far, but i definitely like this game. You play as Aeron, auron, artyoun? Anyway, and you have to save this cute girl who has a curse that, you guessed it, makes her into a squid thingy. The controls kinda take a lil while to get used to, but the game has enemies, puzzles, making shiz, breaking shiz, and so forth.

    Agarest, Generations Of War- I have to admit, sometimes this game lags even on my supa gaming laptop. But it smooths out over time for some odd reason. This game came out way back and now they brought to back to life... ZOMBIES!!! But this game looks polished and although i haven't gotten far yet, i kinda like it. And whats there not to like, i mean you get to pick who you wanna love and play again as their child. It's like, the family mode that skyrim didnt do too well on!

    Nino Kuni-I think i got the name right. The title released by Ghibli studios and i think disney? The games pretty cutesy and good... Cept the grinding part, WHY U NO LVL FASTER?!?!! After getting halfway past, the grinding mechanism made me put this off a couple times. But that means i haven't beat it :I So i must go back. Speaking of grinding...

    Final Fantasy 13-And 13-2 which i havent got to yet, sittin on my shelf, and lightning returns which i dont have... i want it mama @o@. To be honest, i just cant seem to get attached to the characters like i did in final fantasy 9. They all seem like... random peeps. They coulda done better on the black guy, like they did in FF7's barrette... hey i'm not tryin to be racist >:O The animation and colors are great, i love it like its guud. Top quality with an hd tv and such. They also got rid of the random encounters from walking around too much. But teh grinding... Takes like forever to kill a friggin bird or robot, and this is NOT vice versa, as you die like nothing before the enemies strikes. I'm still halfway on this...

    Well, thats about it. Most of em are rpg games, since the fps games arent out yet. Yeah, call of duty ghost and battlefield 4 i think. So till then, i'm grinding my eyes out. Those of you who likes tanks and planes, gaijins war thunder seems pretty promising. As for a good fps, planet side 2 has to be by far the best fps i know thats f2p as well. As for rts games... I haven't tried company of heroes 2 but i mean like, whats the point? It's like the western front mod for CoH 1, just that your soldiers can freeze. Seriously, they shoulda added Japan at least. Anyways, thats bout it. If you read this far, you get a hug and cookies for bearing with my long arse documentary. Hugs are only limited to girls >.>...
    juss kiddin ;)


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Feels like not alotta games are coming out to be what i expected :P Anyway, lets start off with a couple games that i have played and give a lil insight on them

1-Metro last light -You play as Artyom from the first game in another adventure to stop the dark ones, or something like that. The game mechanics were pretty similar to the original, only difference was improved graphics, and a little something for the older dudes. Besides that the monsters and baddies make a comeback from the original. a few things i found either as a bug or a mistake in the game, the night vision looks as if you also turn your flashlight on with it... Er... Artyom doesnt that hurt your eyes? the game was pretty short, finished it in a day on medium, and the story was decent. But i have to say, this game was not only short but at times too easy. Through scavenging i was able to get fully customized guns in mid game with bullets to spare. In fact, one time i went around like a dosey retard, shooting the good stuff. I was like "ooo, my bullets are making fire effects, i mustve leveled up!" Anyway, i saw the game get new dlcs but i haven't got to them. Frankly i probably wont cause i hate short linear games. But yeah i give the game a... 7.4?

2-Fallen Enchantress Legendary heroes- Awesome, i'm gonna make my own hero, my own empire and... wait... wtf? They barely added shit!! Legendary heroes is the new expansion of fallen enchantress... or i think it is... that is standalone. To be honest, it should just as well be a patch because i cant tell what changed. The game mechanics are the same, the only difference i've seen is a bit bigger map and some new quests and shit. But seriously, you can get these and more from mods. Biggest waste on bucks in my life. And sadly, i didnt get to make my badass looking hero with a damsel... sniffles.
It gets a 5 from me >:O

3-age of empires hd-Yeah thats right, just call me stupid and dont even read this part. I got this for 15,20 $ i think? And seriously, i have no idea why. The new age of empires... well new hd empires... pretty much up's the graphics for this old game... and thats it. They combine age of empires 2 with its expansion and up the graphics. no new units, no new map ideas or fixes or anything. For hardcore aoe fans, yay for you. Me? at least they couldve added an advanced map system so we can make tower defense maps and shit. The map making thing is still buggy as @%#@! Total waste of cash :P
this game gets a 4 from me >:O, wouldve gotten 1 if it werent for the shinyness... actually it gets a 1 because a mod came out for it with even better graphics.

conclusion-some of these games came out a while ago but meh, not alot of games are poppin out. Most of em are indie games anyway. If you guys want more game reviews, then comment on this blog of the desired game. I will play,say, and cry for you on the next blog. Also, i do mods and indie games as well, so dont forget to yank those out and post em in the comments. Thanks and buh byes.

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