Heya, you can call me Wolf or Wulfee. I am a gamer-anime-er...-mod lover. I've almost played pretty much every game out there, from doom to disgaea d2 and i wont stop there. As for anime, i've watched a pretty good sum... i think. Anyway, sometimes i review games or post forums for mods and such, so if ya like you can read those. Sometimes i review new games and give em a butt kickin if they suck, afterwards i cry for the money wasted.. So welcome to my page and lets be great friends eh?


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So after i made my very first skin, the konata flavored bf 109, i've decided to try doing some more skinning. Not only is it fun, i get to fly anime around while shooting stuff. Plus, some of you guys might even enjoy it as well which is a huge plus for me. So I'd like to put it out that I'm always looking for suggestions and requests. Just drop by and pm me an I'll get to it eventually. But until then, my next big projects will center around Valkyria chronicles. The JU-87-G2 will be skinned after the Nameless squad of VC sporting a black and white colored camo pattern, and the DO-217-J2 will be featuring the imperial Selvaria Bles and their bulky might-ness. It's mostly German planes, and thats because i pretty much only play as the germans, but i'm planning to do something for the americans as well... heh

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