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Cry of Fear

Game review

if you love "Silent Hill" games, you'll love this mod ! it's the same creepy atmosphere and monster design is disturbing.
The only reason for i don't give a 10/10 is the too much linear level design.
The storyline is awesome !
You must try this mod;


The Intern's Story

Mod review - 1 disagree

Frustrating mod !
Good atmosphere, but boring gameplay...
a few puzzles no challenging at all and for the rest of the game : just walk and walk and walk... nothing else to do but waiting for cutscenes.
too bad ! with more challenge, this mod could be interesting to play.



Mod review

This mod is pretty good. puzzles are not so interesting though, but atmosphere is scary enough, and you may enjoy the exploration.
A short good mod.



Mod review - 1 disagree

A fairly good mod. I played "the great work" and this one is not as good nor as long at "the great work", but it is a nice mod anyway.

- original story, good narration
- pretty good voice acting
- original decor, good level design
- lovely music
- just long enough
- original monster design

- a few jump scares : not the best way to be scared :/
don't play if you're cardiac
- Puzzles are not really challenging : texts give too many clues
- some situations are "clichés"


The Great Work

Mod review may contain spoilers - 1 agree

The work on this mod is amazing !
I was about to put a 10/10, but the chapter one is a little too dark and difficult without light, near the end. i haven't finished the mod yet, but I can say that this mod is at least as good as the original game, perhaps even better, because scarier without gore things or jump scares.
If you try this mod : DON'T GIVE UP AT CHAPTER 1 !!! (I was about to do so, but i don't regret to have carry on)

SPOILER : an exemple of the talent of modder : multiples puzzles solutions !
in chapter 4, you have to find a way to cross a gateway that is unaccessible. You have multiples solutions to manage that :
1) you can find a hidden key somewhere that open a hidden gate on the ground that manage you to reach the same place as the absent gateway
2) you find a broken ladder and use it to replace the gateway

Good point :
- great atmosphere and storyline
- great level design
- puzzles are sometimes challenging, but always logical
- Sounds and music very well chosen
- Very long story, but not boring exploration
- Not too many monsters, but very well placed
- New textures, models, animations
- Great scripting

Bad point :
- Chapter one too dark after collapsing on the ground
- A few bugs here and there (Nothing too annoying though)
- at a few times, impossible to figure what to do without "cheating" (i am still stuck at chapter 4 :/)
- When monsters kill you, they often disappear after your respawn ; so, you can't have another try to get rid of them (but it was the same in original game)

EDIT : Ok, I finished the mod 10 mn ago and i changed my note from 9/10 to 10/10. This mod is a masterpiece ! The story is very well written, the scripting is great ! new models, textures, and animations are an amazing work ! I was totally fascinated by this game. A real long game : 7 chapters ; one hour per chapter : More than 5 hours of pleasure (and a little frustration, too)
if you didn't yet, YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS AT ONCE !


White Night

Mod review - 1 disagree

(Français) Ce mod parvient à instiller une atmosphère particulière, mais de trop nombreux défauts viennent entâcher ceci :
- textures pompées honteusement sur "Silent Hill"
- Couloirs vides, long et ennuyeux à explorer
- Linéarité extrême
- Manque d'évènements
- Enigmes chiantes (peu d'objets à utiliser... on se contente de récupérer une clé ça et là)

bref ! j'ai téléchargé ce mod sur la foi des avis plutôt positifs, mais je dois avouer que j'ai été relativement déçu...



Mod review

i only played few minutes of this mod. I didn't like the ugly clone model of zombies, glitches, bad sounds and speeches... well ! maybe you will have more luck with it, but i didn't really like it.



Mod review

original design ! puzzles based on doom concept : yellow, blue and red keys.
Gameplay not very intuitive, especially in fights.
No story, just exploring, finding keys, opeing doors, and teleport next level... not very exciting gameplay !
You can give it a try, but it's not one of the best mods;
nice work on creatures, though.



Mod review - 1 agree - 1 disagree

This is a great mod.
The part in the house doesn't make really sense, though, as it isn't related to the action part of the game. But as the mod is only the prologue, I suppose we may have clues in the next chapters.
Anyhow, you have to try this mod cause it's great !
and the music is great too !



Mod review

Wow ! This mod is amazing ! really professionnal job !
great story, great scripting...
I only regret that speeches appears on screen when you are in fights, and you don't always have time to read it, especially when you're not english !
but the work done on this mod is just amazing !
I loved it !

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