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That is a really decent map pack. It was kind of curious to see there were no regular zombies, only fast and zombines. But I think I can see why. Despite the predictable route and challenge factor kind of lacking (I do agree that there should be more NPCs, especially at the final sequence) the work put in this mod is admirable. I really wish there were more like this.


Nightmare House 2

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Silent Hill: Alchemilla

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As I'm not much of Sillent Hill fan (didn't really get to play those games unfortunately), I found this mod pretty interesting.

If you're patient enough, you'll propably enjoy it.

Level Design is good. So is the atmosphere, puzzles etc. Music sounds a bit off in some places, but it's fine.

My only problem was that kind of "teleporting-between-rooms" transition, instead of normal opening doors (although I believe that's natural for classic Silent Hill games, right?).

Anyway, doubt I can tell anymore about this mod without spoilers. I quite enjoyed it. Although I have mixed feelings about the ending...


Blade Symphony

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Perhaps I was too kind to give it a 4 previously



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I've played and finished both Prologue (also Remake, which got improved since 2011) and Chapter One.

This was the most amazing experience that I ever had. Seriously, this game should be a lesson for most of current developers. I can't really explain why I liked it without spoilers. I enjoyed every minute playing it.

There is still a lot of technical issues and animation is not very good in cutscenes, but Underhell is a MOD technically and Mxthe did most of the job there on his own (although programmer Charly, weapon animator Internetianer and all voice actors did their job very good), so I've closed my eyes on that.

Underhell is definitely deserves an award.

I also must say, that the soundtrack in this game is very strong, atmospheric and worth buying to support the composer Tom Stoffel and the whole Underhell Team.

Now let's wait for Chapter Two (there is a good teaser in the end xD).

Funny, I did multiple playthroughs of this game and still not annoyed. The last game that made me feel like this was Half-Life 2.


Black Mesa

Mod review

It was everything that I expected.
This mod is example to how games should look like.
Must admit, I did not played original HL. And maybe I did right thing.
Everything: maps, sounds, voices, music, gameplay is awesome!


The Stanley Parable

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