I started to work with CryEngine Sandbox eight years ago. (damn, already 11 years?) I also work with Game Maker.

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Razor Sharp - New graphics
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wow, looks impressive! its a total other game than this Moddb.com

elbows: did that mean you mess around with bones and kinetics and stuff ?
the pedestrianlook: i like it very much, except the big, way to red mouth, the nose (yeah, i know, drawing noses is the most hatefull thing in the world).
can you give the vehicles exhaust particles ?

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Vikom Author

Damn, that screenshot is really old. And, in fact, it's a different game. Last summer I've restarted the development because I made too many beginner's mistakes in the old game. Also, that's why I decided for a real 3d.
I'm not using real bones, I've just given changeable coordinates for both hands and elbows, so they can be in any lenght and any direction I want. Legs have only one changeable coordinate, so they always keep their feet on ground.
There are only two faces yet and they will be changed.
Particles and cars are still WiP. For example, cars don't even have front wheels yet.

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Recently I've decided to switch to more cartoonish graphics. It's not my most favorite graphics style but I think it's the best compromise I can do. It's quite easy to make and I think it might look less dull affair than failed attemps of "realistic graphics".
The second interesting thing is the pedestrian. I've improved their models, so now they don't have square heads and pyramid arms and now they even have knees and elbows! Also, if you look at the most distant person, you'll see that he's carrying crate. NPCs now can carry stuff, eat, drink, smoke, search trash cans and use jackhammer.
Please, let me know what you do think about the new graphics and pedestrians' look.
Please, forgive me a fact that the guy's pants are edited, there's a missing polygon I've misspotted and I don't have a time to fix it right now.

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