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Absolute HD Mod

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Graphically, the mod is excellent and boasts some serious visual refinements and overhauls that breathe new life into Doom 3's horribly dated visuals. However, technically, the mod is nothing short of a complete disaster. Unavoidable crashes related to certain characters merely speaking to the player is a glaring nuisance that's entirely unforgivable. It's made worse by the fact that these crashes occur EVERY SINGLE TIME these characters go to speak. The first crash occurs almost immediately during the first few minutes of gameplay, specifically the "welcome to Mars" phrase the first encountered NPC utters. Skipping to the next level was warranted, and thankfully allowed, but any hope that the next NPC dialogue section wouldn't cause the game to crash again was quickly crushed. The NPC in question attempted to do a "Mars Sec radio check," which promptly caused a crash. Every. Single. Time. Tweaking some of the settings before loading the aforementioned sections again didn't rectify the issue, any time.

This mod was something that could've been completely enjoyable, but sadly, it's unplayable due to a glaring level of either technical ineptitude or just plain incompetence. It's hard to know which.



Half-Life: Update MOD

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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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Area 51

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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Plus

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The Stanley Parable

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Black Mesa

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Half-Life: New Life

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Rough around the edges, but a good beta.

I like the inclusion of iron sights onto the Glock and the MP5, but the iron sights on the MP5 are buggy. Either the front ring gets misaligned, even when standing still, or it doesn't even put the bullets where the front sight is, in the case of reloading during iron sights.

The Glock is not so buggy, but it definitely tries to mis-align itself. And the Glock's iron sights are so close to the screen that it is difficult to tell where the bullet's going to hit, since the front sight blade is too big. Plus, when it fires, the recoil of the weapon causes it to snap up off of, and obscure the target.

About it being noticeably rough around the edges, while aiming outside of iron sights, the arms move around, more than they should. For instance, looking up at normal speed will end up swinging the arms WAY upward. Or turning around will cause them to swing hard in the opposite direction of where you're turning. While not game-killing, it can be a bit distracting.

Textures in the game can be a bit funky/strange at times. Being honest, I don't remember Barney being THAT terrified during the events of Half-Life (it's the eyes). Also, I was able to see Gordon's hands clipping through the HEV suit's arm plates, it looked like there was a red light constantly underneath the crowbar in places, and I could even see through parts of the Glock and MP5 (Glock was most noticeable).

I'm a bit divided on the addition of a "bloody screen" damage indicator. It seems like a fresh addition to a mod of this type for Half-Life, but when used in game, it can prove to be too distracting. So much so, that I was tempted to turn it off.

However, even with all the bugs, it is definitely a good proof-of-concept mod/game, and I would like to see more from it in the future.


I give this mod a 7/10.


Brutal Doom

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