Area 51 is a first-person shooter survival horror video game that was released in 2005 (2006 in Japan) and it was developed by Midway Studios Austin and published by Midway for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows, and is a loose remake of the 1995 light gun video game of the same name, and was followed in 2007 by the loosely related BlackSite: Area 51. The player controls Ethan Cole, a HAZMAT operative voiced by David Duchovny sent to the Area 51 base to assist in the cleanup of a mutagenic virus. Area 51 at first starts out with intense combat where the player has several AI teammates with him (ranging from two to seven most of the time) versus hordes of mutants. Notable among the voice actors are David Duchovny as the player character and main protagonist of the game Ethan Cole, Brian Warner as Edgar the ancient and powerful Grey, Powers Boothe as Major Bridges, and Ian Abercrombie as Dr. Cray.

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One of my favorite games when i was growing up, have very fond memories of it. playing Co-op with friends, and then years later online on my PC , it was amazing, and the cinematic where just breathtaking, though the single player always creeped me out.

good game :)

Good graphics. Good voice actors. Good story. Good gameplay. Good game.


This is what I like to call a 7/10 game; there is nothing special about it that would rise it above other shooters, but it is still fun and worth to play.

As you would guess, the game is set in a secret military base where things went seriously wrong. There are a ton of secrets and conspiracies to discover if you ever get tired of killing mutants, cloned soldiers and aliens. There is some really fun stuff to discover, but I don't want to spoil.

You start with a squad that help you out, but after 1/3 of the game you are left alone and the game becomes more engaging and difficult, and levels more interesting, though you will be fighting basically the same enemies until the end. The game is overall very easy even on hard, probably because it was designed for consoles. It also shows in the graphics, since the game looks like it was from 2002/2003 and not 2005. One thing that was surprisingly well made for that time are the ragdoll physics. Some older games also used it, but here it was implemented really well and it made the weapons more fun to use.

One major design flaw for me was that in the first half of the game there were many unnecessary cutscenes that you can't skip, that simply break the gameplay and immersion. Later on those were much rarer and the gameplay was more fluid.

If they spent more time to polish the story, added more enemies and weapons, instead of wasting money on famous voice actors(David Duchovny and Marilyn Manson) that did a terrible job, it could have been not just an OK shooter, but a great one.


Area 51 was a great game at the time for the Ps2 in 2005. I recently played it now in 2015, and the game still holds up great and provides an interesting story.

This game was great on the PS2 and is still as good if not better on the PC. Would recommend this to people who played the PS2 and love the alien/sci-fi type of game.


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