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For those who care, this is why I tend to dismiss mash up, mess up and retexture mods for Half-Life.

My primary argument is that it's not a mod, it's not even an expansion. It's Half-Life with coat of paint. In some cases I can hold up my hands on honestly say that it is a particularly well done coat of paint.

My issue is, as much as I love Half-Life, I've been playing it for over 15 years. I've seen it all. I won't enjoy it any more by running through the same game with new sounds or models. I definitely won't enjoy playing through something that you think is hilarious (speaking specifically about mess up mods now).

That said, I started editing Half-Life skins and sounds back in the day, it's how I got started with making changes to the base game. I'm not saying stop, by all means stick with it, but you don't have to put it online. If you do, don't be surprised if you get backlash from a few people.

I have made thousands of tweaks to Half-Life through the years and you won't find any of them online. They were purely for MY amusement. A lot of it would make me cringe if I look back at it today.


Very well said!

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So true and well said, I'm sick and tired of all these retarded effortless unfunny waste of time garbage-quality horseshit messup mods that plauge ModDB, this is worse than the FNAF **** that clogs up the Steam Workshop.

We need to start a movement.


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UrbaNebula Author

Where do I sign up? ;D

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Well, I made a mess-up mod just because I wanted to creatively write on my mod page. It was a joke, and I aimed for satire. However, there are people who make mess-up mods and actually take it seriously.

If you look, there is this Half-Life Source - Overhaul that GamerDude933 is making. I really didn't want to break it out to him that his mod is not going anywhere.

The thing is, many reskin mods, like hd_model_maker_147's "professional" looking mods are just wastes. If you actually want to do a reskin mod, make sure to make it actually professional, maintain it, and add more gameplay elements to make it more than a reskin mod.

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TBH the only Real Good Messup is Crack-Life (well it isnt really much of a Messup Mod, more of a Humor/Joke Mod), because it had Effort put into it (Has New Guns, Enemies, Maps, and a Story) and was pretty much worth Playing unlike all the other Messup Mod **** there is.

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