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FOC Alliance-Star Wars from the Clone Wars to GCE

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Having tried to work with Nomada over the past few years for several of my own projects, as well as seeking help with crashes in his own mod, I've come to the conclusion that he as a modder is not worthy of the title. As for his mod, its a crash riddled, unbalanced, boring pile of bantha poodoo. You're lucky to get 10 minutes out of GC before the game crashes. The models are meh, some being better than others, but most usually have a very washed out look. The smallest map for GC solves nothing, it still crashes because of the many various scripts and tweaks Nomada has done to ensure even moderate playability. Would I recommend this mod to anyone? Nope, not even a chance. In fact I'd go so far as to say that this mod needs to be taken off Moddb for the simple fact that you cannot download any current versions here. Even in the latest image posts by Nomada, his arrogance can be seen, like this:

"While others continue fighting at a subrealistic league, the league from the unfinished mods, non-updated mods for years and of course duplicated accounts league. I continue adding each day new real and true stuff, nothing of pitiful dreams. Just things which they can be played and clearly I will release this Legacy addon, the unique with ground combat, this forgotten style from most of the EAW/FOC mods because clearly if some people can not finish space models, hardly they can make new ground models."

If anyone sees this post, please know that this is hardly the tip of the iceberg with Nomada, and Nomada, if you read this, ban me from your site, IDC, you're mod is trash anyways. I'd rather play another mod with less content and better models if it runs even a quarter better than yours.

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