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thesixth @ Main differences between Blood and Crossmatching

The scale of enemy sprites seems to be significantly smaller in Blood Crossmatch than in the original.
Also, "Holster Weapon" while wielding dynamite just holsters the right hand (with the dynamite), so the lighter (in the left hand) is still up. Looks kind of cool! But very inaccurate. While this occurs, you can not switch weapons. Don't know exactly how the rest of the weapons differ from the original.
And the Zombies goes down on one stab with the pitchfork and "resurrects" after "playing dead" for a while, regardless of what difficulty setting you use. Word is that the A.I on higher difficulties isn't implented yet so that might be the reason.
Blood Crossmatch looks and plays alot smoother than the original and it's way easier somehow.
That's what I've found so far. Keep up the good work! I'm mighty impressed!

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thesixth @ Postal 2: Oblivion

Great idea! The thing about the Postal series is that it's an absolute immorale gorefest. Would be nice if there were gallons of blood and tons of gibs. I for one would love to see the guard Dialogue changed a bit too.

-"Stop, you've Violated The Law."
-"I am the Law!"
Then chop the guard to mincemeat and **** all over his remains.


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thesixth @ Quake "Epsilon" Build

Wonderful compilation, makes the game look absolutley gorgeous!
However, I have two issues with it so far.

1. Loading takes forever. And I'm certain my computer is up to specc indeed, so it's a Little weird.

2. Strafing is awfully broken. Rather than changing the direction of movement, it adds to the speed (ex. when moving forward while using a strafe key.). Perhaps I'm wrong about strafing adding to the speed, perhaps I'm not. But one thing is certain, strafing speed is way too high in comparison to moving backward and forward, so it's not fluid. At least not for me. That may not be an issue specific to your compilation, but might aswell have something to do with the source-port itself.

Again, thanks for this mod, it really makes the game look better. Too bad there's no ditto on the Controls though.

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thesixth @ Serious Sam 2 Overdose!

Aah, I've looked at this mod several times now and... screw my previous post about the sounds and the greenday song, the looks of this is amazing and I bet the sounds are just about as good. Downloading now. ^^

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thesixth @ Serious HD Mod

LAL! I love this idea!
Some of the stats might need a little tweaking though.

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thesixth @ Serious Sam HD - Realistic FOV Mod

What value does the standard FOV have and what changes have you done to it?

"This mod is to be more realistic for the first person." Forgive me but that doean't say much at all.

It's hard to determine whatever you have accomplished since Serious sam HD is HD. HD. HD (correct me if I'm wrong but) is either 720p or 1080p which are both 16:9, yet the footage of the video with the changed FOV shows a 4:3 screenspan .. which is odd in theese days since most of us have 16:9 widescreens.
This is important since F.O.V is short for Field Of View, which is repressented totally different with a 16:9 setup from a 4:3 setup.

HD is HIGH DEFENITION, and one cannot live up to that definition without 1280×720 or 1920x1080 which actually is widescreen AND 16:9.

Perhaps this is a fix for 4:3 monitors, but then this has to be specifyed, also, as mentioned earlier, people would appreiate to read what changes you have made to the actual FOV. Like is it 65? Is it 120 ?

With a 4:3 setup, most of us would probably appreciate an increased FOV. By the looks of it,( I could be wrong sice I have a 16:9 setup) it looks like you've actually cut down on the FOV instead of increased it.

Specify, please.

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thesixth @ Zero Hour

Theese kind of dead projects claiming to show "the power of the engine" sort of makes us all wonder what the engine really can do, doesn't it?

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thesixth @ Serious Sam 2

Exactly what can be done to the Serious Engine 2.0 as far as editing with the SDK is concerned?

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thesixth @ Classic Serious Sam II

Yo, heads up!
I loved First and second Encounter so I guess this brings back some of the good old stuff, plusI've gotta say F*ck consoles, PC is the sh*t. ;D
Anyway, what do you mean with "Kind of Some New Maps" ?
And also, what is the actual FOV and what did you change it to ?

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thesixth @ Serious Sam 2 Overdose!

I'm extremely (not) satisfyed with you telling us all what changes you have made to the sounds of ""Explosions, Health XXL, All Power-Ups, Menu (louder), Enemies (Kleer, Kamikaze), Weapons (Single Shotgun, Double Shotgun, Cannon, Circular Saw, Clawdovic, Colt, Hand Grenade,
Minigun, Serious Bomb, Uzi)"" yet you have the whole video overdubbed with a song (sounds like greenday, or perhaps millencollin)

As far as I'm concerned I'd love to see the actual changes aswell as hearing them but, props to the model editing (which looks good).

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