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The mark of every get comment system is the ability to let users bury things they don't agree with, like if an article talks about how wrong it is to let little kids live and you comment that's immoral, you need to have your evil comment buried so all the other comments about how great that is don't get detracted from. Or, if there's an article talking about how a company screwed over thousands of people, pointing out that the same people they “screwed” over always complained anyway and should of never done business with the company in the first place, needs to be hidden from the general masses for the untamed evil it promotes.

So, here's my ways to get your comments buried!

1) Don't lick steam's code sacks. If you verbally say you don't like steam and list a legit reason, you can start shoveling dirt on yourself. Remember, it's ok to support steam even if the conversation isn't about it, but if you're a zombie trying to get a good nap, start not thumb-upping Steam.

2) Ditto with Valve's... Valve. It's like they are both parts of a religion and people will defend them to the death. That napping zombie could get a concrete roof if any mention of Valve is in there.

3) Talk about GPL/free engines. People want engines with royalties, big limits on what you can, and NAME BRAND. It's like your hotdogs: recycled pig snout with brand A is much better then recycled pig snout with brand C, especially when brand A charges you and brand C is being given away free. No, I'm no GPL fanatic and I don't consider it "freedom", just a different set of terms, but when you need to learn and want to "break out", the best idea is to pay $$ to someone else if you don't need to vs invest that $$ in your own lively hood. If you DO insist on paying some $$ to have a brand name, send me some $$ and I'll send you some labels.

4) Mention that "New" game that was originally a free mod isn't an original game. Why? Well, people love an underdog story and when a group of rag-tag modders band together, make an awesome mod then get the ability to convert that mod to a game and sell the same thing, just standalone, that's awesome. It's like David standing up to Goliath, except that David was a boy who who spent the previous part of his live listening to his older brothers and parents, learned how to defend himself against wild animals while watching the family flock, then stood up to the champion of an invading army who mocked his God, then offered to help the king and eventually took over the kingdom and treated his subjects with great respect.

A group of modders who makes a mod, then gets paid/charges for nearly the same thing but with some new features (like not requiring the game it was written for) and never goes on to anything else is nothing like David vs Goliath. It's more like the Chinese spy who steal a companies secrets and sells as their own, with a few changes.

So don't except great things from people or you'll be digging UP to our zombie friend.

5) Don't blame others for things they didn't do. Like EA. For shutting down their online servers for a ton of games. On a service they didn't own. That they had no control over. And most people claim they don't like EA or it's games anyway.
Really, it is EA's fault. It's a conspiracy from the beginning. See, back in the early 80's when it was Electronic Arts, they had a plan to make mad mad MAD $$, get every game to buy their software and services, then, and only THEN, convince Gamespy to sell themselves to IGN, then convince IGN to sell themselves to FOX, then, years later, convince enough games to not buy the games and play on the servers Gamespy ran JUST so they could shut it down and piss off the couple hundred people left playing on a regular basis. On “official” servers. And still let you join non-official servers.

That. Is. So. Evil.

So there you have it, if you want your comments buried follow these examples. And don't forget to comment. 8)

Sorry about that. I am in the process of switching over to a new host. I signed up. Transferred my domain over. Transferred the site over. Everything seemed to be working fine.

Then it got suspended because it wasn't paid. But it was paid. Paypal said the paid. The company says I didn't, so either it didn't link my e-mail to the payment or they actually didn't get paid.

So, stay tuned, it will be up hopefully today! :)

Just to let people know, Doom3World isn't down and out, just down temporally:
Doom3World ain't dead!

Here's the e-mail I recived from it's webmaster:

I'm glad you email me. Been waiting for someone to approach me. The server got compromised, abused for a DOS attack and taken offline by the hosting company. I hope I'll be able to obtain all D3W files back early next week so they can run a fresh install with hardened security. You may want to spread the word about it. All user passwords were stored encrypted. Just in case it's always good to change them after a server breach.

Wolf update

TheHappyFriar Blog

While the code hasn't been updated yet (peewee says today. :p )I got the wolf model nearly 100% finished. It needs sounds & vwep support (so does the sheep), but the animations are completed (unless I see something I don't like or another cool idea comes along.

The model currently has 4 skins (grey wolf, black wolf, CTF Red & Blue) & has a ground digging animation for the flip off & a peeing animation for the taunt.

Me & Peewee over @ have been working out a new Quake 2 mod idea based on this thread. Several spleeners joined on the test:
The Happy Friar

Here's the skinny on the mod: there's one wolf & everyone else is sheep. Everybody looks the same. The wolf needs to kill sheep to get points & the sheep need to kill the wolf to get points, then the ybecome the wolf.
Scoring goes like this:
Wolf killing sheep: 1
Sheep Killing wolf: 3
Sheep Killing sheep: -3

The sheep model was created for this mod. Currently the mod has the FFA feature where it plays as described above ("lone wolf" game mode). It also has a cvar "sv_wolfswap 1" that has the player who killed the wolf become the wolf & "sv_wolfmod 1" which replaces the old death message with new mod-oriented ones.

Before the mod gets it's first official release here's what's going to be tackled:
*force model cvar so everyone must look identical
*bigger penality for sheep who continuously kills other sheep
*another game mode where the wolf "assimilates" killed sheep to looks like wolves ("pack" game mode, even more confusion: who's the real wolf?!?!)
*vwep support

future plans:
*cvars to determine weapon loadout of sheep/wolf
*player streaks (frag's)

Ba-Ram-Ewe Low Poly
^^^^sheep model:^^^^^ ^^^^^^video in action^^^^^

ingame shot:Sheep among wolves ingame

I uploaded some early concept/demo videos under my profile. They're pretty interesting.

I also updated my Last Stand page with some new WIP's of a spaceship. Hoping soon I'll actually have something new to release with the mod, I've been drawing up some concept art & working things out slowly.


TheHappyFriar Blog

I've got a new job. Currently I'm in an eval period to see if I'm wanted to stay on, but still makes me happy. :) More info coming soon (if I stay on). But... does anyone know how to add those little icons below your forum avatar? Can't find info on that anywhere.

Don't forget to check out my Paintball mod too:

and please post comments/ideas/suggestions in the mod's profile. and yes, I know it needs a new map!

Almost over.

Be sure to vote when it's done. People (who are pretty much non-modelers) are working pretty hard to do some neat stuff. One of them is already completed and I'm working on getting a prize for the winner. Crossing my fingers!

Games and Mods

TheHappyFriar Blog

Have you tried Iron Grip: Warlord yet? It's a pretty fun game. I'd recommend you give the demo a shot. Contains a single map

In other news... The Doom 3 mod, Recall to Hell ( ), isn't as dead as everyone assumed!:

Forum members of are banning together to get the mod in a playable state. While it won't be how originally planned, we're hoping the content won't go to waste.

*Doom 3 (not RoE, no mods required)
*Works in Doom 3
*it must be done by jan 31st @ 23:59 EST (20:59 PST, 04:59 GST Feb 1st).

besides those, anything goes. Sign up over @ that d3w link & you'll be added to the list of entrants.

I'd love to see some really creatives ideas from people on this.

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