Still working on 3D Models. After three teams, starting and going mia, ehmm, enough I say. Switching back and continue on my own game, and with the best engine out there for small teams, Unity 3D.

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Male Character

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I started making a futuristic weapon for a project. That project is toast. Weapons for just for doing a weapon is not really me, and I made a character to go with.
The catch, nothing is optimized yet, so no video from a game engine, in short: work in progress.

Noteworthy of all this is MakeHuman, this software has grown right into my heart, there is no way I had the patience to rig the character in such fine details. The skeleton works right out of the box.

A new beginning

Taamalus Blog

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml>MicrosoftInternetExplorer402DocumentNotSpecified7.8Normal0</xml>So, I’m back.

I started a project 10 years ago, using the Build Engine. I wanted smart enemies, not massive amounts, used in most FPS games. I failed, to this day I have a mental problem with the C language, to develop smart enemies. So I put this project on the shelf, and tested other engines. I found CryEngine, and truly love the advanced ability it offers, not to forget the Sandbox. The price, you need a big team to publish a game. Where do I, an old guy, get 40 top class people for a high risk project?

So, I aimed lower, focus on one aspect of gaming you like - modeling and animating. Meanwhile, I use the Unity 3D engine to build my conceptual maps for my original project, just to enhance my mapping skills. Bottom line instead of making an entire game, I just do what I am good at, and see where it leads.

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