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Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown TC

Mod review

This mod recreates the PSX Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown faithfully, even adding the special flavour enemies.

No more need to use an emulator anymore and put up with clunky controls, yay :)


Brutal Doom

Mod review

Reviewing v21 RC1 - 28.08.18

This mod brings the original doom into the 21st century. It has the fast paced action forcing you to think quick, it has the nice explosions and of course the blood & decals. With the addition of the level enhancement system it starts to add something real to UAC base areas (chairs, outside lamps, etc) so a big well done to Sgt Mark.

I really like how game balance has been addressed with the v21 RC. Before this release the game felt easier than vanilla doom with being able to take down tough enemies with just a few well placed hits. My only gripe with the little bugs aside is the flashlight, in my opinion it should be on some sort of rechargeable battery counter like how you would use stamina. Otherwise there is little reason to turn it off besides to avoid alerting enemies.


Brutal Doom 64

Mod review

A good remake of Doom 64. This mod is more fitting with the atmosphere of PSX doom and of course doom 64. The soundtrack, the dark lit corridors, new lighting and the right amount of gore, its really good.
The mod however is rough around the edges and needs more polish. The added revenant is weaker than the vanilla doom with no melee and the hellhound is not very threatening for an archvile replacement (the death animation is not good. Just slumps over like it had enough of life). With some extra TLC this will be a true gem.

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