This total conversion intends to bring the PlayStation experience from 1997 to your PC. Created by Daedolon, Fox, Hendricks266, Nukey, oasiz and TerminX. Special thanks to Joshua and MusicallyInspired. Music mastering by Mark ‘TDK’ Knight.

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Dzierzan says

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A quite nice TC, I've been waiting for it for a long time. It's nice to play these exclusive levels, despite how bad they are (of course not TC author's fault).


Dynamo128 says

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An expertly done TC that perfectly reproduces the PS1 experience, but with the superior controls, framerate and flexibility of PC gaming. 1997 has never looked better.


PlamzDoomTV says

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Pig in a dress


swc132994 says

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This mod recreates the PSX Duke Nukem: Total Meltdown faithfully, even adding the special flavour enemies.

No more need to use an emulator anymore and put up with clunky controls, yay :)


croserII says

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I can' believe my eyes,finally after all theses years I can play my favorite levels with 60 fps,thank you


csmv says

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