Hi, my name is Florian Garcia and I am freelance creative director. I have spent most of my career working for big publishers such as 2K Games and Ubisoft where i had a chance to contribute creating successful franchises such as Rayman Raving Rabbids and of course a lot more. As a creative person, I tend to stay open minded and look at new area where creation and innovation find birth which lately drove me to the independent scene. There, i created original IPs such as IGF China best mobile winner The Line HD and also Little Runner and Dark Harvest for iPhone/iPad. Nowadays, I continue my lifelong quest to creation and explore different horizons in the like of gamification and new technologies. Follow me on twitter @SoulShading

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Trying to understand Apple is like punching yourself in the eyes before watching the latest family entertainment made in Hollywood; it hurts.
This simple fact made me write a new blog post about the IOS SDK and include it as the offical POTD#2!

If you fancy reading it, be sure to visit MY BLOG
And while i'm at it, don't forget to drop a vote for my latest game The Line

Cheers :-)

The Line to IGF

SoulShading Blog

I have submitted my latest game to IGF.
It is called The Line and it will be out on iPhone, iTouch and iPad in a couple of weeks.
A PC version will also be done sometime soon.
Here's a little video presentation i did for IGF, enjoy!


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I have created a new category on my blog which is called Problem Of The Day.
Every time our team will face a problem worthy enough to talk about, I will write a new post. The goal of the topic will not be the usual "oh, here's a problem and here's how we fixed it". No, I will post the problem as soon as encountered so I can update the post later on with attempts tried, failed and also successful solutions. I will also welcome the thoughts of the readers in the comments.

If interested, here's the link: Soul Shading POTD#1

Blog post: Eddy

SoulShading Blog

If you're interested to have a peek at what the main character of the game we are currently working on at Ant Hive, have a look at my blog. I posted some early sprite animation i doodled the old fashion way (mean with my hands). Well, don't expect it to be the best piece of art you've ever seen yet but it will give you a taste of the mood we're targeting.
Oh and there's also details about the game context.
Here's the link: Floriangarcia.byethost11.com

Blog post: Environmental interaction v2

SoulShading Blog

Last month, I wrote an article on my blog talking about the way of interaction I designed for the game little runner and how I intend to take it to the next level. I tried not to reveal too many details about the game we are currently making at Ant Hive but it is still a funny read.

Follow the link: Floriangarcia.byethost11.com

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