I'm a very laid back person, love to relax and play games with whoever is up for it. I'm mainly into MMO's or anything related to multiplayer gaming. Absolutely love retro looking games, 2d side scrollers, and anything that requires more than half a brain to play. Yes, I'm a furry and a brony.. and quite proud of it. With all this being said! Happy gaming! and hope to see you in-game.

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This game is very unique, being able to manipulate the light to create colours and music. I can't really elaborate much further other than this game is a must have for anyone that loves to solve puzzles, enjoys to relax, watch vibrant colour streams, and listen to soothing music.


PixelJunk Eden

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Probably one of the most beautiful games I've played in awhile. The colours, sounds, and music all in unison to make the game-play come to life. This is an amazing game and I recommend this for anyone.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Very suspenseful, the amount of tension this game gives simply because you cannot fight back against what is stalking you throughout the course of the game. I would recommend wearing a pair of heavy duty headphones and turning the lights out.. it makes for a atmosphere and it makes you feel as if you're a part of the game.

Don't be surprised when you have to take a break, this game does that to you. One more piece of advice, be aware of your surroundings and LOOK everywhere.


Marble Arena 2

Game review

The game itself is a great idea. Saying that this is an alternative to Marble Blast Ultra is an overstatement.. the sounds are stale, the music isn't pleasing to the ears, and all of the scenery is static. I will say that the levels in general are very creative and can keep you entertained. Also, the variety of power-ups give the game a bit of life to it.

I'd say give this game a try. It is free and that's something we all can enjoy.


Alien Swarm

Game review

Probably one of the best alien oriented games I've played. I'd suggest getting friends to play this game with you though considering the lack of people on servers and the AI on the bots are horrendous. All in all this game is very entertaining and very difficult.


Zombie Grinder

Game review

The game brings alot of nostalgia with it. I would have to agree with the other reviews is the lack of people that play makes the multiplayer aspect of the game a little lacking but other than that it's a pretty fun game to piddle around on. I'm looking forward to more updates and hope that this game progresses.

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