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Once in a while a mount and blade mod comes along that perfectly illustrates the time period/setting. Brytenwalda, Gekokujo, Anno Domini and many others come to mind when fondly thinking of these great adaptions. SM (I cant pronounce nor memorize the name) may not yet be as exstensive as those masterpeices however ill be damned if it isnt one of the best and most interesting mods ive ever played. In this modern mount and blade modding age of half baked mods that just put a ****** reskin on native and mods that are run by tyrannical ******* developers the Raisya team shines as one of the few examples of the spark that the modding community still has. The effort put into the research, items, factions, etc is almost unparrelelled to other mods. I am proud as a member of the small and tightly nit mount and blade community that this mod is a shining example at this communities ability to portray complex settings in such a low tech engine. Keep up the good work Raisya and i wish you the utter best!

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