Hello, Welcome to my userpage for ModDB. Here I will post blogs of what i've been up to or what i'm doing at the current time. I'm Currently in college for Game Design and hope to start taking programming as a minor to better suit myself as a lead Programmer. I haven't had much work with any codes yet but thats why i'm in college.

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Okay, well I have been doing some thinking of a game I could do on the side while I'm in college. While I don't know much right now about coding and design, I will use this time to get the concept of my game done! "What's it called!?!?!?" I will give you at least that much. Operation: Talon Strike is going to be a multiplayer Turn-Based Strategy game set in the near future. The main idea for the game is using a card system to put pilots, mechs, and parts together to make your unit!!!! So let's just say I got a couple pilot cards and maybe a good mech I could take those two and play them together to have my unit in battle, or I can add parts to my mech to give it new paints, weapons, armor. Keep a look out for screenshots of concept art for the menu and maps!


Sir_Nicholaz Blog

I have been very busy with College work as I finally started my Programming classes! So it's been awhile and I thought I would just give an update to all my friends to let them know whats going on. So as I stated before I just began college. For me this is the best moment of my life as I hated High School, but when I sit in that classroom even for reading or writing (Which I hated the most in highschool) I chose the front seats because I knew that this is the time to make it or break it. I found out I really do like this stuff and i'm not that sad at most of the work. Though my programming class is pretty easy for me right now I know it will get harder and I want a challenge! "Wow, Nick what are you talking about you should hope for easy work so you can just pass the classes and get you're degree!" Well people if I don't get pushed how will I know if I truly suck at the stuff? So all I can hope for is that I step up my game and don't fall asleep in any of my classes which I haven't yet, and I intend not to. As you can see by my grammar it's pretty bad and before college I never used coma's at all really and as you can see i'm trying my best to fit them in now because i'm making that effort to be the best I can! Also before I end this I just wanted to say that everyone should check out "Gundam RTS" on this site a great free indie game.

The Start (Like it always is)

Sir_Nicholaz Blog 2 comments

Well every person in this world starts somewhere and it is always the same if you never noticed. So here I am working my way into this world trying to make a name for myself as a man that simply loves video games would. We try to become that guy who makes them. I have never worked on a game before in my life. This is my blog and the start of a great journey as I go from nothing to (Hopefully) a great game developer or at least join a good team to hide my seemingly horrible skills.
Now I have been looking around this site taking in all the great games and mods that have been released here to get that inspiration to just even start here and work my way up. It isn't easy as many have told me or maybe it is and I just don't know. I could help the next Bill Gates and not even notice it and that would be fine with me as long as he helps me out.
On a small side note I would also like to make videos from the many games that I own maybe do some reviews and upload them onto YouTube. That is way I love the game world it is endless!

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