Hello, Welcome to my userpage for ModDB. Here I will post blogs of what i've been up to or what i'm doing at the current time. I'm Currently in college for Game Design and hope to start taking programming as a minor to better suit myself as a lead Programmer. I haven't had much work with any codes yet but thats why i'm in college.

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This game has it all! For any Gundam fan of the UC timeline or just a hard core RTS gamer this game will be perfect for you. It's free which makes it all the better. Though most of the stuff is still a work in progress you can tell where this game is going and it's going great places. For me this game is a god given gift as I love RTS games and most of the Gundam based games are only in Japan (They think the games just won't sell well over here and it saddens me how blind they truly are now.) So with this being free and a RTS of Gundam I just had to play. I was given files to the new update coming out soon and boy does it make it all the better almost like a new game layout but still the same great gameplay. 10/10 from me!

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